Inogashira park, Kichijoji.

Inogashira park, located at Kichijoji, Tokyo, is one of my favorite place to take a rest.

Kichijoji is a famous place as many small stores, beauty shops, and restaurants alike gathering by the narrow streets and on the corner. Seemingly, people come here to enjoy shopping.

 Meanwhile, it has relatively big park near the station, named Inogashira park. There is a tiny zoo inside it, many people are taking a rest, walking with a puppy. I definitely love this whole scene. 

A lot of cherry blossom trees are planted, so you can enjoy picnic in the spring.

Here, I found a picture that took this spring in the park :)

But you can enjoy this park any season. 
Summer, you stop taking a breath beneath the shade of trees. Autumn, you would be relieved to see lots of leaves are turning their colors from green to yellow, or red. Winter, we sometime have snow. Probably children are throwing snow balls on the snowscape.

There are four seasons in my country. I especially like summer, but enjoying every season as well. And it has passed more than one year since I came here to Tokyo. Yet I am not bored at all. Seasons are always changing. So is my life. I hope to enjoy my life whatever happens.

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