One-day-trip to Kamakura from Tokyo!

 One day in the late Autumn of 2017, my friend and I visited an old town Kamakura (鎌倉), located just one hour riding on a local train from Tokyo. Despite its convenient location, Kamakura is amazingly different from the huge metropolitan city Tokyo: the city centre is filled with cute tiny local restaurants as well as souvenir shops, deep forests behind the city sit just next to the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, fascinatingly sophisticated cafes are available like everywhere. But first, why don’t we just drop the train off at Kita-Kamakura (Northen Kamakura) station to start a casual trail hiking which lead us to a big statue of Buddha?

 On the narrow local way, we found a lot of temples here and there. In most cases, the admission fee was 200-300 yen, just a couple of dollars. Since Autumn leaves had still on the tree, fascinated us, we went to temples one by one, walking on the gardens and around.

 As we climbed up hills, we discovered an ocean view beyond trees. The air surrounding us wasn’t that cold, perhaps the temperature hit 10 degrees at that point. I always love those modest weather, you know :)

 So, here we are ;) If you pay additional fee, which is just for 20 yen,  you can make it inside the statue like we did :) You want to know what’s inside? Well....NOTHING XD


 Okay, it’s time to have a nice meal. We found a local restaurant on a narrow street, and had a Shirasu (small, steamed white baby fish), soul food in Kamakura along with fresh Tuna. Soooo nice :)

 Before it gets dark, we strolled around the city centre, had some sweets while doing window shopping. It was truly a lovely day ;)



Turn into a new page.

 Every Autumn, I enjoy taking a long walk in and around Shinjuku Gyoen park, where is a famous place for painting-like scenery with lots of leaves turned dark red and bright yellow. This year, however, I found it difficult to have such a long walk. Things are getting complicated around me, and I'm planning to work a full-time job in the near future, probably, from early January.
 For many years, if not a decade, I've lived relatively peaceful calm life: reading old novels day after day, cooking three or more meals a day, visiting a local tiny park to sketch. These are my long-time favorite, and I truly love them all. But gradually, I turn my eyes to something new, something I've never experienced yet.

 I don't know if it works... well, who know? But I'm going to do my best for the time being. And of course, I continue to keep coming back here to make posts ;)