My brother's wedding

 Indeed, it was way beyond what I had expected about the wedding party of my brother.
On a shinny day of July 2018, when the extreme hot temperature kept hitting another record (it had been nearly 40 degrees for two weeks in a row), my family, relatives, and friends got all together in a gorgeous, spacious hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo.

It’d been years since our family all came at one place. We’re normally living across the nation and beyond, and it’s not surprising some of us hadn’t seen each other over a decade or two.

I came with my new black suit I got in Paris :)

 First, the relatives of my brother and bride came to a room for the first time, bowing and introducing themselves one by one. Then we moved to a chapel in a hotel, witnessing the couple became husband and wife. Congratulation!! :)

  Just outside of the hotel, they gave me petals of flower. Oh it must be...

 Like this!!

 I love those ceremonial things, especially when it comes to delightful events :)

 Now it’s time to...

 Have great meals!

 The French style food, which was carefully selected by the bridal couple, served one by one, along with wines, champagnes, beer, and so on. They kept my glasses full, so I kept drinking all the time until the party finally finish. I definitely got drunk XD

 Dancing, singing songs....everything was so nice and gorgeous, like a once-in-a-lifetime event :)


The best day in July!

 Coming soon... :)


A piece of moments on weekends :)

 I still cook every single meal, going to a cafe to have sweets on weekends :)


Booklover's July.

 A month has passed since I came back from Europe. Once again, my life became simple routine of home to work, then work to home, and a local supermarket sometimes. I'm not complaining this dull situation. But suddenly, I feel extremely down, anxious without any particular reasons, unable to sleep, lose my weight....well, it happens to me from time to time, and there's almost nothing I could do for it.

 Well, it seems I need to be relaxed on this weekend :)


Three years has passed since a total collapse.

 For me, divorce was something like a huge natural disaster: It was so massive that I can’t even figure out how devastated it has been.

 For the past three years, I try to focus on living myself. Cooking small dish in dawn, cycling all the way up to an art school every Saturdays, reading old novels and drawing a sketch sometimes. Perhaps, I was trying to convince myself that I still have things I love, and was capable of handling myself.
 I’ve relatively been feeling content, but constantly felt empty nevertheless. And being alone fuel its sadness.

 Well, it’s only three years, and I will carry on with it.


Going to July.

 Even though things get tougher, I become totally alright when I go to bed, sleep, and waking up the next morning. That's a good thing about sleep, and how I carry on my life :)