Sometime in the past.

I still remember the days when I was in abroad.


having a relaxed and delicious holiday in May :)

Like any short holiday in the past few months, I spent rather lighthearted days in so-called "Golden-week", when it's up to two weeks holiday might be available for some people. But not me! Here, it was literally business as usual, going out for shooting photos and computing for work, and coming back to my home in the midnight. Well, that's me anyway :)

Working hard wasn't all about for me last week. I actually found some time to go out for cycling with camera. So let's see what happened!

 It's common we see a big fish-like windsocks flying in the sky in May. That's for children, especially for boys. Why? We have a children's day on 5th May, wishing for children grow healthy. For girls? We have another holiday on 3rd March for girls, of course :) Maybe you've noticed there're several colour of windsocks, yes, they represent for parents and children ;)

 I really need to have time for reading before/after working!! Only reading and art can save me from the reality, haha. So head to a museum :)

 And other things I need to live my life worthwhile is.... of course, FOOD!

 Apart from daily diet, I truly love jumping into a restaurant, sniffing vinegar or dense sauce floating in it. I can't imagine myself cooking everything I need, not at all!