Cooking, cooking, cooking!!

 Yeah, I'll be back soon :)


the look of beauty from my room :)

 Waking up in the early morning is one of the most my favorite routines. I like seeing the sun rising from the east with turning the darkish blue sky to orange. Usually, I spend this beautiful morning with running around my home, or eating breads and fruits like bananas and apples. It's a time before everything starts, I always feel that way.

 Of course, we can't forget the sunset. Frequently I can see the sun going down to the Mount Fuji from my room. When it happens, I stop everything I do at that point, computer, cooking, whatever, to stare at it. Those two beauty truly make me feel that I live and be a member of the universe :)


Walking from Shibuya to Akasaka in the cold evening :)

 I took a train off at Shibuya Station to walk all the way to Akasaka, near the imperial palace to have a dinner with my friend last week. There are many beautiful scenery here and there, especially around the Christmas holiday. So I'd like to share a piece of them :)

 Well, that's my favorite boulangerie :)

 I'm always surprised to see a spot that they have narrow street surrounded with tiny restaurants and huge buildings next to each other That's what Tokyo is like :)

 Okay, I'm almost my final destination :D

 Here we are ;)

 Pizza, a bottle of wine, chicken and Tournedos Rossini! I love them all! :D

 I barely caught the final train to my home. No regrets! at all!! :)


My recent life.

I love my life, and hopefully I can keep on doing what I love :)