Moments of love.

 I just want to capture moments of love, which could be vanished in the next moment.


Handmade pasta with tomato sauce, beer poured on a balcony ;)

 I know how strange it sounds like, but I love cooking daytime in summer, especially when the temperature hits 30 degree or even more. That time, I enjoy so much time spending in kitchen boiling pasta, flying Tempura with a variety of ingredients while air conditioner works its best cooling down in my tiny room. I like having food I cook, and I like that I'm deeply fond of it.

 As well as my obsession toward cooking, eating out is equally enjoyable. Sometimes with my close friends, and others on my own: With my laptop, I don't see much trouble finding a place to work. That's a small, but important advantage of working this job :)

  Since I believe I can do more about this blog with my photos, I'll be back soon (Well, hopefully, haha)