My daily life.

 Cooking, drawing, and relaxing in a cafe... These are the key things to prevent from depression which could easily lead overdosing. Well, I love making something way more than taking enormous amount of medicines and sleep several days.


Fantastic weeks in January.

It was a mid afternoon of early January when I was standing on a platform in Tokyo Station. The sun was on the sky shining the whole city, the temperature hit 10 degree: almost like. As I kept staring at the direction where the bullet train was supposed to run into, I noticed my hands and legs were shaking steadily.
"That's it. This is what we've waited for years."
I thought myself. She and I were finally going to see each other in person within 5 minutes.

 We started mailing back and forth in mid 2012, and because it was so long period of the time, I don't know how many mails we sent each other. Midnight mails, some seriously secret topics I had never told anyone else. As well as E-mail, we shipped foods, letters, small gifts, whatever we thought it would nice to hand it.
I believe we knew each other so much now, despite the fact that we had actually never directly spoken over the phone. 

 As the train arrived and many passengers went out of the door with their luggage. Among them, I found a young woman looking around to seek something, or, someone. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, it's her. A few seconds after that, she recognized me as well, and then we finally hugged and greeted. Although I had imagined the moment of our very first meeting for hundreds times in my mind, it looked as if I was still in the dream. But of course, it was the moment when the dream finally came true.


 We had discussed what we would do together in Tokyo, and apart from a few things, we did them all:

 Early visit in Tsukiji fish market (we left our home at 4 o'clock),

 Ready to eat? ;) And of course...

 a bowl dish filled with a variety of fish and shell! So cool!

 Since we're both interested in the culture of Japan, we headed to the Kabuki theatre in Ginza to  watch a traditional show, and also,

Here it is, Sumo wrestling match stadium in Ryogoku. It's a story to tell by the way. As Sumo stadiums are gradually famous and popular destination to foreigners, it begins to hard to get the ticket in advance, plus, it usually takes several hundreds dollars for each. Thus, it's not something we can visit daily basis. So, what should we do? 

 We joined a queue for non-reserved tickets in the dawn (again!). It wasn't comfortable to wait for two and a half hours in the cold temperature and strong wind, but we made it after all :)

Of course, we have so many delicious cuisines in the duration of her stay. We found a neat French restaurant in Shibuya, as well as a Japanese Restaurant where we can enjoy puffer fish and shabushabu. Also, we regarded eating home-made meals as important events, and we cooked our soul foods and things we both love.


 It was a huge pleasure to invite her to me. My apartment can hardly say good as an accommodation, thevertheless, she decided to come. That's one reason why I tried to do my best to make her stay as comfortable as possible. 
 It was lovely weeks we experienced in this months January, and hopefully we will be able to see and have such wonderful days again soon :) From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


The greatest January ever.

 A lot of thanks to you :) I'll post our great weeks soon!


Good bye, 2015 :)

Started with a bright weather on 1 January, 2015 was indeed a tough year for me. Not only because I divorced in the middle of the year, but also because of moving to the current new apartment, completely changed the way of my life. But still, it was an unforgettable year for me in many ways.

 Since my work didn't have much affect on me, I put most of my energy on my hobbies, such as drawing, photography, reading books and stuff. I do those things as long as I wanted, and sometimes I found myself deep inside myself, and went far far away from the real world. In order to keep myself in the world, I went to take a long walk more often than not. It was usually 15-20km walks around the city of Tokyo, and during this new routine, I began to like Tokyo much better than before.

 A gorgeous Alasaka Palace in the early morning when nobody was out there, or mid night walk all the way to my home (I missed the final train to my home, thus I walked for hours). These weren't boring at all, in fact, it was a piece of my pleasure life. And I'm grateful if I can keep walking in the coming year as well.

 Of course, my obsession with drinking continued, perhaps it got even deeper. Regardless of the place, I went to Japanese tea cafes, coffee shops, or bars whenever I felt like it. I love spending time out there with my books and musics. And by sitting on a stool or big sofa, I could somehow sensed I was still in the real.

 Since I enjoyed living in Tokyo, I didn't go the distant places this year, except the northern region Hokuriku, and Kansai region including Kyoto and Kobe, where I hadn't been for more than a decade.

 Well, things aren't as good as it's supposed to be, however, I'll continue to try to make it better in 2016!

 A big smile for you :)