Go seeing cherry blossoms in the evening, with alcohol!

 I went to enjoy a cherry blossom festival with my friend a week ago. It was warm enough to leave my black coat in my home, and sit back on the ground while drinking beer and sparkling wine. Truly, it was fascinating, of course, I must have been until the midnight if I hadn't had to go to work the next day. This kind of small gathering always makes me feel much better, especially when I had many chores to do. We promised to get together next year as well :)


Surgery and eating.

 As it came in February, I suddenly became much busier than ever. Not only because I had to go back to my hometown temporary to take a surgery, but also take some new job and chores. Now that it's set where it is, I can finally come back here to show you some pictures :)

 During a long stay in my hometown, sometimes I took a walk. At one point, I walked 20km without any rest, thus the doctor strongly suggested I shouldn't do any physical training for the time being. It was indeed hurt for such a person like me, love to go out. Instead of walking, I read books and drove my car frequently. Since they prohibited me from getting tired, my only fun was eating. It was a good opportunity to visit many great restaurants I've been interested in for a long time. Well, it's not that bad to be ill, sometimes :)


A piece of my life.

 I need some rest in a peaceful place!


Snow and foods.

Lots of thank you, and a big smile to you :)


Another famous ceramic town "Tokoname" in Aichi :)

 Let's begin with this huge cat :) Tokoname is a famous destination for pottery fan like me. Located by the ocean, this small city has been making a variety of ceramics, especially pots for making green tea for a long time. When you take them at someone's home, you probably notice a chestnut-colored pot with cups. Yes, it is from Tokoname City.

 For the record... I took it in a tea factory I visited last year, 2014:)
(I posted it here by the way ;)

 When you arrive at there, you can see a dozen of brick chimneys stood toward the sky. Although most of them aren't available now, it has us feel like coming a special place. So let's take a tour :)

 Because it was in the middle of New Year Holiday, few workshops were opened. Soo unlucky! I should come back soon (hopefully it becomes warm enough to walk all day :)



Strange feeling which shows up only once a several months.

 Only sometimes I feel like I can take pictures with the different way :)


Visiting Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum.

 A couple of months ago, I went to Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, located in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. It’s been quite a long time since I visited last time. Growing up near the museum, my parents sometimes brought me to see and experience how to make ceramics. But, for a child like me, there was no fun being there. Hundreds of resemble ceramic crafts are displayed all the way, and I hardly knew how to enjoy it. Absolutely, I had had no interest in it until I became familiar with Japanese tea. This tea culture includes not only tea itself, but also the way of taking tea, sweets, and cups and other things. Gradually, it reminds me of a famous museum just 30 minutes away from my hometown. So I headed my car toward it in a cold day of November, 2014.

Surprisingly, we can take pictures of most of their collection. In addition, there were few people inside. Several, I remember, no more than 10 people.

So I began to take a close look at one by one, and found easily that “No two things are alike” . Started pots made thousands years ago, there are many pots collected around the globe. No mention that they have famous ceramics around Japan, I particularly found so nice to see pots from a variety parts of the world.



and Khmer :)

A half day isn’t enough to see them all. When you feel tired, there is a cool tea room you just pay $5 to enjoy drinking. You can choose your favorite pot displayed in the room to take. They also have quite valuable ones. (Of course you can have a drink with it if you want :)