Chita Peninsula and fish market :)

 Whenever I got tired of hot weather, I drive my car to the south until it reaches the ocean. Recent couple of weeks, this country gets more and more severe temperature, so it was time to get back to my hometown to head to the sea :)

 I was supposed to work while I was on the bullet train. What made it impossible was the comfortable seat which prevented me from overwork. I slept, and once I awake and looked outside of the window, it was almost in my hometown Nagoya.

 Well, let's go to the sea, shall we? :)

 The reason I repeatedly come back to the sea is to eat nice fish and foods. While it's available to enjoy at some cool and sophisticated facilities, I tend to spend more time in a local fish market. "No two things are the same" I always think that way in the market ;)


Walking in Meiji Shrine.

 Meiji Shrine is a wonderful place to take a walk whenever  you feel tired of being in a big city like Tokyo. Meiji Shrine lies just near the fancy place called Harajuku, . Quiet, cooler than the outside, and lots of nature welcome you. A mid morning of July, I decided to get there to walk.

 In spite of crowded streets just near from it, walking inside the Meiji Shrine is something like hiking on the peaceful grass field. Not surprisingly, it was indeed cooler than the outside, thanks to small water ways and trees shading me. I saw many foreigners walking along with their cameras.

An hour walking made me so hungry, so I had a lunch nearby. It's so convenient to get a fresh air at the shrine. Thanks!


Tough nights and meals.

 As I moved to a new apartment yesterday, the first thing I did was checking out of the condition of the tiny kitchen. It was almost the only thing I noticed when I searched a room to rent: if it's capable for my daily cooking. Baking breads, making rice, soups, and grilling fish. Foods actually makes my life, thus, I was so satisfied to find it was enough to do it. Although it must take time to get used to live this current new place, I'll be definitely okay as long as I could keep cooking :)


from nowhere.

Sometimes I feel so lonely, as if the whole world tries to eliminate me.


Beneath the railway.

 I came over this place yesterday when I walked across an old bridge to see my friend. Akihabara, known as the electric town, was on the other side of the river, you can see electric buildings stood there with a bunch of neons and ads.  Somehow I like this area where  sophisticated shops gathering in a small place. A day later, I found they call it "Maach Ecute" (The official site is here).  "Well, I'll come back soon with my SLR camera" I thought while taking pictures with my smart phone :)


A day of fallen apart.

 It was the day my wife moved from our home. She said she'd lost reasons for being here. And I hardly knew how to react. Despite such a serious crisis was going on, I had many things to do: people to meet for working, place to visit and such. The world goes on and on, as if it's only a piece of the facts.


A short stay in Nagoya :)

As holiday came, I go back to my hometown Nagoya to enjoy spending time with my family as well as my lovely dog. During my stay, I went out to have a lunch with my friend, or eating sushi.

 On the other hand, I cook by myself for my family, kept my room clean, and drove to the grocery to find nice ingredients. “There’s no difference while I was in Tokyo!” I thought myself, because the initial purpose for coming back is to take a rest. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel upset, or frustrated at all. Perhaps that’s what it’s like to stay with my family :)


Great Toyama and Kanazawa, spring in 2015.

As things got so messed around me, I really thought going somewhere to make myself relaxed. Maybe driving a car. Maybe having some fresh sushi. That’s why I took my ordinary black backpack packed with clothes and stuff, threw it in a rented car, then left for a three-day trip.

Heading to the northwest, my destination was Hokuriku area, famous not only for many historical towns and streets, as well as delicious foods such as sake, fish and crabs along the coast. Although bullet trains from Tokyo has been available since last month, I preferred to drive myself, as always :)
As you can see the photo below, they still looked like winter on the way. It’s natural that made me surprise, because in Tokyo, we didn’t need any winter clothes anymore, we could even go out with T-shirt in a daytime.

 Before getting to the place to stay, I drove to my favorite sushi restaurant. I don't remember how many times I spent having so nice sushi here, but I do remember it was my daily routine when I stayed near the restaurant two years ago, 2013. It's so hard to believe we can taste such fresh sushi at only $10 (And you can get soy soup too!).

 After that, I decided to walk along the shore. I found a sake factory there, and stunned when I took a glance a street nearby. It was a whole bunch of bottled sake waiting for the next process: shipping. Nobody was around, and it seemed no one even attempts to steal them. Some clerks showed up every now and then, but they looked nothing to worry about. That's why I love this little wonderful place :)

 Toyama is so cool place for me. Not crowded like in Tokyo, there are sophisticated buildings and parks. If they hadn’t had a huge amount of snow in the winter, I’m sure I’d live there!

 The next sunny morning, I took an hour drive to Kanazawa city, which has beautiful historical town. Unlike other parts of Japan, Kanazawa didn’t have much damage during the Second World War. Many architectures are still remained as is. A big fan of old architectures like me, I couldn’t miss it! The best thing is that most attractive places are located just near the Station of Kanazawa. You can visit them on foot or bus. Me? I visited them all on foot! I like taking a walk in uncommon places, and it was 10km that day, for the record :D Fresh sushi in a fish market, taking a rest in a tiny old cafe in the middle of a historic district, so nice.
 Also, I was so happy to see cherry blossoms in this trip. Since it was already over in Tokyo. I was too busy to see them this year, thus I had thought I had to wait for the next year. However, here it was! It must be a great way to visit northern cooler area to go after that pink beautiful flower :)

 On my way back to Toyama, I headed to a world heritage village Goka-yama "五箇山". It's been several years since I went last time, and I was fascinated at that time. Can you see big roofs with thatch? It's because they have to keep snow piled up during the winter: It's not unusual that the amount of snow falls becomes a few meters. I bought five red turnips in the village to make pickles. Finding a quality of vegetables and fish while traveling is my big pleasure, and I love so much wandering to discover it ;)

 As I drove back to Tokyo, the express way gradually packed with cars coming home like me. It's always not easy to deal with this dense population city, however, I can handle it as long as I can go and take breaks like this trip :)