Photography and painting.

 As a kid, I had always regarded a painter as someone like a wizard. They create something from nothing. They are mysterious, attractive, and beyond my imagination.

 That's probably why I started taking photographs when I was 20s. I thought like, okay, I want to paint, but let's face it, can person like me without any talent do it? As I continued to take photographs, I felt content in some sense. To be honest, I was good at it, and some people even offered me to do it as a job. The point was, however, I couldn't give up painting. So this year, after 10 years since I started photography, I finally bought oil painting brushes and colours, then started out.

 I don't know how it would develop, but I'm quite happy with this current situation :)


Lost in my thoughts.

 Long July is finally about to be gone, and I think I should be proud of myself for surviving this harsh month. I had to visit many many companies for job interviews, which is quite tiring, and so many other chores to do. But in the same time, I could spend my spare time cooking and painting. That at least, is a nice thing about quitting a job. So let's see what it was like in July for me.

 I believe things are getting better soon, and there's no need to get depressed at all! :D


Painting, painting, painting!

 Alright, I'm finally back to publish a new post, which I've missed last month. For me, previous month was all about food and painting, and I had never afraid of showing what I think was important. One day I went out, hanging with friends until midnight, and the other day I found myself sitting in front of a easel, gazing at a blank canvas, spending a whole day painting. And crucially enough, I love them both. That's what it was like in June.

 Yeah, I prefer to do my best instead of just sitting in a chair and sobbing!


oil painting on Sunday.

 Yeah, I'm getting better!! :)


Reiwa era has just begun!

 It's the end of 10-day holiday in Japan, and I just thought I would publish a new post to see what it was like in my "Golden Week" holiday. Unlike many friends, I didn't have any particular plans to do. So basically I cook dish three times a day, and painting pictures occasionally.

 Oh, I met my friend who gave a birth one month ago. New born baby belongs to Heisei era, which has been for 31 years in Japan before ended in April 2019. Me? I'm a person from Showa era, which ended before Heisei era! We all belong different era now, hm, interesting...


Dining, painting and me :)

 April in 2019 was quite an interesting month for me. I'm back to a full-time job, and also, began joining to a lunch club held in fine restaurants in Tokyo. As you know, I love these kinds of luxury atmosphere, nice utensils, wonderful meals, oil painting on the wall....well, pretty much everything, haha.

 While I enjoy those restaurants, I equally love cooking myself, having it in completely silent morning, staring at flower in a glass vase. It really makes me feel content, and if things get busy in the near future, I will definitely continue my way of living :)

 Regarding drawing and painting.....

 I think I'm making progress, slowly but surely ;)


Visiting Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, March 2019.

 I always love a cafe which has a big space, terrace with nice view, and good coffee, of course. And I always go such cafe whenever they open a new one in Tokyo. In early March, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo was opened near Naka-Meguro Station. It's a new concept Starbucks with bakery, liquor bar, teashop...all kind of drinks available in it. So one day, I cycled there to check what it's like :)

  I decided to get there in the early morning of 8 a.m. because they said people making queue up to five hours just to get in. But fortunately, there was nothing like that when I got there. So lucky!!

 Inside was a factory-like atmosphere with a huge roaster is on the first floor, pipes and noises are here and there. And....

 Each section has its own speciality, like fine coffee, special liquor.... My fovourite is...

 Of course, a bread! I can't go without it XD They were lining up in front of the casher, but it only took 15 minutes or so, not a big deal!

Not only coffee, but decor was so interesting, each of walls has unique character :)

 It was still cold out there at that day, however, I enjoyed having hot coffee in terrace :) You can see Meguro river, which is one of the most famous sakura spots in Tokyo just right next to the building. (I cycled there on 28 March, and it was full bloom, by the way!)