A yummy week in May :)

This was a week when I came back to my hometown to spend relaxing weekend. It turned out, however, that I was too busy to taking enough rest. So many chores, like cooking every meals for my family, cleaning up in and around my home, visiting a dog hospital to regular check-ups for my lovely dog. Well...that's what always happen to me, and I find myself gradually getting used to it :)
 Apart from cooking myself, I visited some ramen shop nearby one afternoon, and a sushi restaurant to have fine raw fish and soy soup with crab. As long as being able to having nice foods, there's no complain! Not at all!

 And other topics about food...

 I've received a variety of citrus fruits from a friend of mine running a farm. Blood orange, which is quite rare to find in Japan, and other things. I have to be honest.... I love the fruits my friend grow, and that's why I asked to send 5kg of them. Hopefully I'll take another one in the next year.

 Another friend tripped to the Europe for work, and she bought them to give me as a souvenior. She really know something I'm really fond of... Chocolate and Da Vinci's works ;)

 And, at last....

  A big ham for a home party in coming weekend! I'm sure I'll do my best to cook to make unforgettable day!


Mt. Fuji.

 Everytime.... I can't help looking at the Mt. Fuji when I pass by. That's something I always do :)


Green sweet beans, fresh red raw fish, pound cake and stuff!

 This was a week I put much of my energy on cooking. From sweet strawberry jam to sour taste Japanese pickles, it became my daily routine in the week. So let's take a look at a piece of what I made :)

 Boiled broad beans, which is exactly in season in Tokyo as well as most of the regions in Japan. With its rich taste, cheaper price, I ate it almost everyday, repeatedly and addictively.

 Hatsu Gatsuo(初鰹), fresh Skipjack tuna Katuo is also available here in the late spring. Every time I see it in a market, I found the beautiful spring finally finished, and the warm season is just around the corner. But, before the temperature rises too much to go to the kitchen to cook,

 I make a pound cake :) Its texture always attracts me to eat one more bite, and the moment I ate more than I should have, I always feel guilty. Well, it's okay, I have no regret about it ;)

  Flower and green tea.... I can't finish the day without it! :D