Making home-made sparkling green tea in my kitchen.

I took a unique green tea in a day when I visited Uogashi tea shop, located near the fish market Tsukiji. It was in the late spring, and I felt the atmosphere of the summer at that time. So their special sparkling green tea, fresh but dense taste, helped me refresh, and since I was so curious, I asked them if I could make it in my home. The answer was "yes" and they kindly told how to do it.

So.... I'd like to show you the way :)

What we need are...
                1tsp of green tea leaves
                500ml of sparkling water
                1 empty tea bag

If you can't find an empty tea bag, you can replace it to a tea strainer.

 1 First, grain the leaves a bit so that it can be extracted well enough in sparkling water. Then, place the leaves to the empty tea bag.
 2 To make some space for the tea bag, remove some amount (50ml or so) of sparkling water from the bottle, and put the leaves with a tea bag in it.
 3 Keep soaking it in a cool place for a day, then pull out.
 4 Take the bottle, and up side down once with care. Slowly and softly, to make sure it's mixed equally.

If you use a strainer instead of a tea bag, you can directly put tea leaves in a bottle of sparkling water, and leave it for a day as well. When you drink it, get some empty bottle, and use a strainer to filter the leaves :)

Now,  enjoy :) 


making Japanese liqueur Umeshu and raw fish buri.

 In recent weeks were a wonderfully nice for me. A home party I posted there, but what's more I'd like to write down in this blog.

 As the atmosphere begins to summer, my visiting to supermarkets and farms is more frequent. Sometimes it's 50cm long fish Buri, (ぶり), or Japanese amberjack, a popular kind of fish for sushi. Though we can buy a block of fishmeat, or even sliced ones is avairable, I prefer to take it as a whole. If you are a person loves cooking for a long time, and not afraid of seeing the blood of fish, you better off buying it as a whole. Cheaper and fresher. That time, it only costed aroun $7.

So I cut up a whole buri fish, and it turned out 60 sliced pieces that can be eaten for sushi, and it was way beyond I can eat up at once. Beside them, I cooked soy soup made out of the head and bones, and Teriyaki taste dish too. Well.... it was three-day buri fish festeval for me :)

 Japanese apricot is also in season around this month, June. We usually make soured red-colored pickled or liqueur called Umeshu(梅酒). This time I decided to make the latter: Umeshu.

It takes at least a year to be able to drink nicely, so I got 1kg of Japanese apricot, 1.8 liter of alcohol as well as 1kg of block sugar. I'm looking forward to having this next year :)

Other than that. I lived relatively calm days. I had salad almost everyday, and ate a yummy blood orange on the corner of the imperial palace, where I took a short rest :) It appears my daily life in circling around the concept of "delicious" :D


afternoon cooking :)

 All I need in my life is cooking and warm color afternoon light :)