A day of fallen apart.

 It was the day my wife moved from our home. She said she'd lost reasons for being here. And I hardly knew how to react. Despite such a serious crisis was going on, I had many things to do: people to meet for working, place to visit and such. The world goes on and on, as if it's only a piece of the facts.


A short stay in Nagoya :)

As holiday came, I go back to my hometown Nagoya to enjoy spending time with my family as well as my lovely dog. During my stay, I went out to have a lunch with my friend, or eating sushi.

 On the other hand, I cook by myself for my family, kept my room clean, and drove to the grocery to find nice ingredients. “There’s no difference while I was in Tokyo!” I thought myself, because the initial purpose for coming back is to take a rest. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel upset, or frustrated at all. Perhaps that’s what it’s like to stay with my family :)