Tokyo Station in a morning.

It was nearly 6:00 in the yesterday's morning when I arrived at Tokyo Station. I didn't know why I reserved the bus which leaves Tokyo such a morning. Anyway...

I chose  a bus to get to Nagoya this time. As you know, you can take shinkansen, or bullet train (The picture of shinkansen is here in my post) if you want to Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka or many places in Japan from Tokyo Station. But the biggest problem is that shinkansen is too expensive. In case I go to Nagoya from Tokyo, it costs about 10,000yen, while a bus could take 3,000 yen if you reserve in advance. For the record, Tokyo is located 350km away from Nagoya. What I'd like to talk is that it's not so away that I take the airplane.

Well, I think I talked too much :P There weren't so many people there in the Tokyo Station. To tell the truth, I was surprised to see few people around.

I tend to eat Japanese food these days I mentioned sometime ago. This time, I bought two omusubi, or rice balls.

The one was the rice ball with Tuna and mayonnaise. We call it "Tsuna-mayo" by the way and it's one of the most popular toppings with rice ball. If you go to convenience stores in my country, you can easily find Tsuna-mayo rice balls. Well...it's my favorite :D Another one I ate was....oh, I forgot :(

I took some rests in rest spots. Oh this photo reminds me of one thing. In Japanese, we write from many directions, you know. From left to right, from right 
 to left, from top to bottom. And different ways of writing Japanese are written in the same pages in newspapers for example. Many people from abroad ask me why we do it and still don't get confused, like "Where can I read first?!" and I always can't answer well. We can just do it somehow.

Although I didn't know at that moment, the rainy season engulfed this area. And it is raining right now too. I don't like raining :( But, well, let's enjoy spending my life in my home, just like now :)


To the person who I really like, respect, and think of.

Let me call it, "Holland style pasta with green asparagus" :)


Everlasting will.


May my life will be poor as my money situation yet filled with it.