Smoking in Japan.

It's getting more and more difficult to smoke recently in Japan. Not only increasing the tax for cigarettes, but also decreasing allowed space to smoke. Near stations, big cities and offices... Many places are prohibited from it. Well, it really doesn't matter to me since I don't smoke at all. ("What is this picture?!" you say? I smoked to take the picture :D) For non-smoker like me, it's your call whether you do it or not. But I don't like people smoking in restaurants except Izakaya, which serve alcohol and meals. I can't taste anything if someone smokes near my table, so I ask the restaurant to move other table such time. Smoking is their joy as well as their right, as long as no harm for others I believe.

Water pipe has an another story :P I take it once in a year in a park near my home. Smoking in this park is no problem, you can even enjoy fireworks in summers. The problem is that most people in Japan have never seen this in their entire life, and seemingly, it looks as if I'm taking some terrible drug. They have no idea what I'm doing. They don't call police, they don't say anything to me though, I noticed they never come close to me. That's why I bring water pipe outside only once in a year :)


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    1. Thank you :D And today is nice weather! Before getting in rainy season, shall we eat lunch at somewhere? :)