Pictures in and around Tokyo, taken lately.

It's always my pleasure to see tender green during this season, late spring. It reminds me of the upcoming summer. Yes, I definitely like summer more than any other seasons. Enjoying everyday and showing respect for it are one of my irreplaceable mottos. Like making coffee in the early mornings, caring for things around me also mean caring for myself. It's 7:58 in the morning here in my country, the sun is bright, the temperature is good enough. Well, I'll be out soon :)


  1. Suzanne5/05/2013

    It looks like you ate some delicious cake ^^ It sure looks like one I had a few days ago.

    Beautiful pictures, really!
    Things in Holland are slowly changing as well: with the summer just around the corner, flowers are at their full bloom(Oh I took more pictures of our "bollenvelden" this time, I'll send those soon :).
    But not just the flowers, the temperature is very nice as well, we'll hit 22 degrees this tuesday! Though at the moment it is about 12 degrees haha, the sky is clear blue.

    I'm off to work in a moment!
    Bye! またね!

    1. Suzanne-chan! :)

      Oh did you eat some cakes?
      Eating cakes in Europe are one of my dreams!
      That must have been nice of you ;)

      I'm glad to hear that your country has also changed gradually and surely.
      We finally got through the cold season, well, I like winter as well, haha.
      In my country the forecast says it will hit 26 degrees in Tokyo today!
      How nice :D
      I'm seriously in the middle of considering whether I go to work today or not because the weather is so perfect!
      However, I will work after all, I like to work as well as spending my time!

    2. Suzanne5/09/2013

      こんばんわ! (at least I think it will be evening when you read this ^^ )

      Hey I have to go to work today as well, actually today is a national holiday and everyone is off. But my work just goes on as you can understand, taking care of the elderly。
      Oh the holiday is called 'hemelvaart' it is a christian holiday and many people go to church. It is about the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven.
      So now everyone has a nice long weekend off. :)

      Sunday is mother's day by the way, I already bought some presents for my mom. I will tell you what they were after sunday.
      I plan to give her a nice breakfast on bed as well, with croissants, jus d'orange, tea and sweet bums with jam or honey. ^^

      Talking about work, I read something about working overtime in Japan. And that the average overtime of a japanese person is about 20 hours a week(!). So I wondered, do you work overtime often? Or is working overtime a typical サラリマン thing?

      I am actually going to bake a cake tomorrow, I would like to take a picture of it for you. My mom had something planned so I am not sure about what kind of cake it will be, but I'm sure it will look good. And if not, well, I will send you a picture anyway haha :P


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    4. Suzanne-san, Gooooood morning! :D

      I enjoyed the weekend and today is Monday, yes, again, I have a day off!
      (Oh....I don't even have a work today, needless to say I have no overtime ;))
      I went to Shinagawa Aquarium yesterday and there are lots of stories to tell!
      Just stay some time, I'll update about it soon :)

      About overtime in my country, it deeply depends on our category of working.
      You know, one of my family works for a business firm.
      She works from 8:20 to 18:00, although her working hours are supposed to be from 9:00 to 17:00.
      That means, she spends 1hour and 40 minutes overtime everyday without any additional salary.
      Another example is mine: I have a part-time-job and this type of working usually doesn't have any overtime, or at least they pay additional salary if you do.

      Ours are kind of lighthearted example.
      My mother sometime works from 8:00 to 28:00 as a teacher for elementary school.
      She is busy especially when she has to prepare for school outing, festivals and commencement ceremony.

      Some people say Japanese are punctual.
      I can say with confidence that it's yes and no, which is to say, we are only punctual for starting time and never even thought of managing ending time.
      Because they don't care about ending time, they don't have any idea to pay for overtime.
      Some people especially elder still believe that working overtime without payment is a good thing for their company.
      But those have never thought that it's no good for persons who work under them and society.

      I really don't like it, and neither my boss.
      That's why I landed a job at current place :)

      I saw your pictures about mother's day!
      You're getting improving of taking pictures :)
      Well, it's my turn to send you back! ;)

      By the way, we call it "サラリーマン".
      You are so close! Let's go step by step :)