Chita Peninsula and fish market :)

 Whenever I got tired of hot weather, I drive my car to the south until it reaches the ocean. Recent couple of weeks, this country gets more and more severe temperature, so it was time to get back to my hometown to head to the sea :)

 I was supposed to work while I was on the bullet train. What made it impossible was the comfortable seat which prevented me from overwork. I slept, and once I awake and looked outside of the window, it was almost in my hometown Nagoya.

 Well, let's go to the sea, shall we? :)

 The reason I repeatedly come back to the sea is to eat nice fish and foods. While it's available to enjoy at some cool and sophisticated facilities, I tend to spend more time in a local fish market. "No two things are the same" I always think that way in the market ;)


Walking in Meiji Shrine.

 Meiji Shrine is a wonderful place to take a walk whenever  you feel tired of being in a big city like Tokyo. Meiji Shrine lies just near the fancy place called Harajuku, . Quiet, cooler than the outside, and lots of nature welcome you. A mid morning of July, I decided to get there to walk.

 In spite of crowded streets just near from it, walking inside the Meiji Shrine is something like hiking on the peaceful grass field. Not surprisingly, it was indeed cooler than the outside, thanks to small water ways and trees shading me. I saw many foreigners walking along with their cameras.

An hour walking made me so hungry, so I had a lunch nearby. It's so convenient to get a fresh air at the shrine. Thanks!


Tough nights and meals.

 As I moved to a new apartment yesterday, the first thing I did was checking out of the condition of the tiny kitchen. It was almost the only thing I noticed when I searched a room to rent: if it's capable for my daily cooking. Baking breads, making rice, soups, and grilling fish. Foods actually makes my life, thus, I was so satisfied to find it was enough to do it. Although it must take time to get used to live this current new place, I'll be definitely okay as long as I could keep cooking :)