Handmade pasta with tomato sauce, beer poured on a balcony ;)

 I know how strange it sounds like, but I love cooking daytime in summer, especially when the temperature hits 30 degree or even more. That time, I enjoy so much time spending in kitchen boiling pasta, flying Tempura with a variety of ingredients while air conditioner works its best cooling down in my tiny room. I like having food I cook, and I like that I'm deeply fond of it.

 As well as my obsession toward cooking, eating out is equally enjoyable. Sometimes with my close friends, and others on my own: With my laptop, I don't see much trouble finding a place to work. That's a small, but important advantage of working this job :)

  Since I believe I can do more about this blog with my photos, I'll be back soon (Well, hopefully, haha)


Sometime in the past.

I still remember the days when I was in abroad.


having a relaxed and delicious holiday in May :)

Like any short holiday in the past few months, I spent rather lighthearted days in so-called "Golden-week", when it's up to two weeks holiday might be available for some people. But not me! Here, it was literally business as usual, going out for shooting photos and computing for work, and coming back to my home in the midnight. Well, that's me anyway :)

Working hard wasn't all about for me last week. I actually found some time to go out for cycling with camera. So let's see what happened!

 It's common we see a big fish-like windsocks flying in the sky in May. That's for children, especially for boys. Why? We have a children's day on 5th May, wishing for children grow healthy. For girls? We have another holiday on 3rd March for girls, of course :) Maybe you've noticed there're several colour of windsocks, yes, they represent for parents and children ;)

 I really need to have time for reading before/after working!! Only reading and art can save me from the reality, haha. So head to a museum :)

 And other things I need to live my life worthwhile is.... of course, FOOD!

 Apart from daily diet, I truly love jumping into a restaurant, sniffing vinegar or dense sauce floating in it. I can't imagine myself cooking everything I need, not at all!



cherry blossom Sakura and food I had.

 For years, I've missed to go out to entertain myself walking under streets covered with beautiful cherry blossom sakura, not only because I had usually had numerous amount of works to do at that time, but also because the weather in this period of time frequently inadequate for going out. Such as strong wind blowing all day, or squall-like heavy rain prevents me from outing. So, unfortunately, I've got only these few photos sharing this post :(


 When it comes to food, I had had some fine meals in recent weeks. Was I trying to make up my frustration by eating nice food? Maybe!


A chilly rainy day.

As long as having fine pasta for lunch, I'd be okay :)


Cherry blossom, outing for dinner, lovely dogs.

 As winter grows deeper, I find myself joining more home parties. Going out to a local supermarket and a fish store to get a fine ingredients with my friends, then heading back to kitchen to spend hours cooking and eating while taking drinks. Usually, the table was filled with a plate of fresh vegetable salad, a dozen of sliced bread from neighbouring bakery, and cheese. After having a starter, we moved on to a big dish such as grilled fish, seasoned rice. Here's some photos telling what it was like :)

 Well... as you might already know.... I can't go without lovely dogs! Never! :D

 It's not only home parties I love: I'm a huge fan of eating out!

Anywhere I go, I take a couple of good quality of alcohol, including sake. Not always, perhaps. It all depends on who I eat out with XD But anyway,  I'm always looking forward to having jokey conversations while having meals.

 The season of Cherry blossom tree sakura is just around the corner, and I definitely have to prepare for making lunch box to go out in a warm day :)