Visiting Marunouchi Area, very near from Tokyo Station.

 Last week I went to the Marunouchi area where takes only a few minutes from Tokyo Station. Originally, I came there to take lunch at a Turkish restaurant, but it was closed that day. Instead, I took a nice Chinese meal :) It is famous for illumination in the evening for winter, and if you want to know how it looks, see this post on my blog :) Since this area is cutting-edge and stylish place, I took some pictures to show you today :D

 Oh, the last one is a box for wines. I discovered it in a wine store and really liked it, so I asked them to sell. There were many good wines and I only bought a wooden box, haha


Leaving for hours.

 Although many people avoid getting on distant buses, I prefer to take it especially on weekdays. Unlike weekends, highways are usually smooth and it arrives without any delay. 5-hour sitting on a seat just suits me, reading books, watching films, sometimes sleeping, then back to read again.

 Soon after coming back, I cooked a unique food in my hometown Nagoya, called "miso-nikomi", udon noodle with soy paste sauce (about Udon, see this post). I'm a big fan of eating it in my home since it's hard to find this kind of food in Tokyo. "I'm home!" Anytime I eat it in my home, I couldn't help feeling that way.

 Well, I still play an old TV game with an old machine, just like the day I was an elementary school student, haha :D


 The other day...

 I was cycling on a big street, headed to the West. It was absolutely the midnight, 1:30 a.m. or so when I left my home alone.  I was too tired to think further and thought I needed some getaway from my place. There was no public transport available for sure, and I felt like being alone. I didn't decide where to go, but I just left.

 It's unusual for me to go out in the night of course, I'm a person who spends nights in my home, doing chores while taking coffee. "I'm sick of all." during my escaping, I kept thinking like that. When my smart phone shut down due to run out of the battery and coldness, I found myself that it was time to give up. I had already crossed a river which separates Tokyo from neighbor prefecture, and the Sun didn't seem to appear for a while. I parked my bicycle in front of a Shrine I just found at that point, taking rest, then pedaled again to go to the nearest station.

 Things aren't good these days, about my family, my work, even my fragile future. Those I once cared for so much disappear from my sight slowly, but surely. I could be stubborn, however, I wouldn't do it this time. I did it so many times and I know things would never be better with doing it. Just patient for now, however it hurts me.


Kamakura in Autumn.

 It's difficult for me to define Kamakura as a good place or not. Sure, I like old places like there, but I can't help but comparing Kyoto, a popular historical city in Japan. Well, no wonder anymore, just take a look :)

 The fact I really like it that Kamakura is very near from Tokyo. If you want to visit Kyoto from Tokyo, it'd be better to stay at least a night  there. Although you can enjoy one-day trip, but it must be tired. But Kamakura, you can make it plus stay a good night in Tokyo, eating at some restaurant and such :)

 Also, this place isn't bigger and famous than Kyoto. Just walking along forests and houses makes you feel comfortable.

 I visited some temples that day.

 One of temples had a bamboo forest. There were some people sitting while taking green tea inside.

Wow, bad attitude :) Well, I don't hate it at all :)

 When I was in Jerusalem, I found myself that I adore taking pictures of gates. I always take it whenever visiting good places regardless of countries. If the gate is beautiful, I would be excited because inside must be more beautiful, I recently found it :)


A Sushi restaurant, and more.

 Past several weeks were tough for me, the feeling had always been so unstable that I couldn't cook every meal. One day I took my phone to call a friend of mine who is a Sushi chef. "Oh, it's you, what' up?" He seemed a bit puzzled because it's been a while since I called him last time. "I just thought I'm pleased if I can go eat lunch in your restaurant today." "Sure" He responded immediately.

 Despite I went out my home earlier that day to do some chores in a city, they were done way before I had thought. I felt a little bit hungry, so I decided to go to the restaurant.

 Fortunately there was no one but him. I chatted while tasting his Sushi. The place was quite silent, we talked a lot, about a comet disappeared that morning, the fish I was eating at that point and such.

 I like his Sushi so much. There are many Sushi restaurants in Tokyo, from 10US$ or below to over 250US$ per person. However, I simply like his Sushi because of his courteous way of cooking as well as fresh fish.

 Soy paste soup, salmon caviar, those are my favorite :)

 Can you see a dish behind the lamp? I've eaten there many times though, I found it last time, haha.

 Well, I'm stuffed! :D By the time I finished eating, my bad feeling that had continued for several weeks was already gone for somewhere. I thanked him and promised to eat it again soon.


 On the way back to my home, I popped in a park to see Autumn leaves and I thought it's not good like last year. Some leaves were in the middle of changing their color, but others were still green. Probably because of rapid change of the weather, I thought. Even for me, the weather lately is so unpredictable, sometime too warm, but the day after that it's too cold. That might cause my instability.

While I was there in the park, I had been in my thought for ten minutes or so on a bench, kept my eyes closed to concentrate on listening to the world. That was enough for me to recover. Delicious foods, beautiful nature. I like them all :)