Visiting Marunouchi Area, very near from Tokyo Station.

 Last week I went to the Marunouchi area where takes only a few minutes from Tokyo Station. Originally, I came there to take lunch at a Turkish restaurant, but it was closed that day. Instead, I took a nice Chinese meal :) It is famous for illumination in the evening for winter, and if you want to know how it looks, see this post on my blog :) Since this area is cutting-edge and stylish place, I took some pictures to show you today :D

 Oh, the last one is a box for wines. I discovered it in a wine store and really liked it, so I asked them to sell. There were many good wines and I only bought a wooden box, haha


  1. ええ、とてもきれいなところですね。。
    The architecture of some of those buildings is amazing.
    I wish I could see it with my own eyes. So pretty!

    I looked back at the post where you took the photos while it's illuminated.
    Very nice ^^


    1. Good morning, Suzanne-san :)
      Yes, that's obviously a nice place to visit and take pictures. I was so surprised to find such a gorgeous area in my city Tokyo, since my home is surrounded countless of tiny homes and fields for vegetable, haha :D
      The illumination is available until January I guess, so I'm sure I'll be there again!^^