A Sushi restaurant, and more.

 Past several weeks were tough for me, the feeling had always been so unstable that I couldn't cook every meal. One day I took my phone to call a friend of mine who is a Sushi chef. "Oh, it's you, what' up?" He seemed a bit puzzled because it's been a while since I called him last time. "I just thought I'm pleased if I can go eat lunch in your restaurant today." "Sure" He responded immediately.

 Despite I went out my home earlier that day to do some chores in a city, they were done way before I had thought. I felt a little bit hungry, so I decided to go to the restaurant.

 Fortunately there was no one but him. I chatted while tasting his Sushi. The place was quite silent, we talked a lot, about a comet disappeared that morning, the fish I was eating at that point and such.

 I like his Sushi so much. There are many Sushi restaurants in Tokyo, from 10US$ or below to over 250US$ per person. However, I simply like his Sushi because of his courteous way of cooking as well as fresh fish.

 Soy paste soup, salmon caviar, those are my favorite :)

 Can you see a dish behind the lamp? I've eaten there many times though, I found it last time, haha.

 Well, I'm stuffed! :D By the time I finished eating, my bad feeling that had continued for several weeks was already gone for somewhere. I thanked him and promised to eat it again soon.


 On the way back to my home, I popped in a park to see Autumn leaves and I thought it's not good like last year. Some leaves were in the middle of changing their color, but others were still green. Probably because of rapid change of the weather, I thought. Even for me, the weather lately is so unpredictable, sometime too warm, but the day after that it's too cold. That might cause my instability.

While I was there in the park, I had been in my thought for ten minutes or so on a bench, kept my eyes closed to concentrate on listening to the world. That was enough for me to recover. Delicious foods, beautiful nature. I like them all :)

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