Leaving for hours.

 Although many people avoid getting on distant buses, I prefer to take it especially on weekdays. Unlike weekends, highways are usually smooth and it arrives without any delay. 5-hour sitting on a seat just suits me, reading books, watching films, sometimes sleeping, then back to read again.

 Soon after coming back, I cooked a unique food in my hometown Nagoya, called "miso-nikomi", udon noodle with soy paste sauce (about Udon, see this post). I'm a big fan of eating it in my home since it's hard to find this kind of food in Tokyo. "I'm home!" Anytime I eat it in my home, I couldn't help feeling that way.

 Well, I still play an old TV game with an old machine, just like the day I was an elementary school student, haha :D


 The other day...

 I was cycling on a big street, headed to the West. It was absolutely the midnight, 1:30 a.m. or so when I left my home alone.  I was too tired to think further and thought I needed some getaway from my place. There was no public transport available for sure, and I felt like being alone. I didn't decide where to go, but I just left.

 It's unusual for me to go out in the night of course, I'm a person who spends nights in my home, doing chores while taking coffee. "I'm sick of all." during my escaping, I kept thinking like that. When my smart phone shut down due to run out of the battery and coldness, I found myself that it was time to give up. I had already crossed a river which separates Tokyo from neighbor prefecture, and the Sun didn't seem to appear for a while. I parked my bicycle in front of a Shrine I just found at that point, taking rest, then pedaled again to go to the nearest station.

 Things aren't good these days, about my family, my work, even my fragile future. Those I once cared for so much disappear from my sight slowly, but surely. I could be stubborn, however, I wouldn't do it this time. I did it so many times and I know things would never be better with doing it. Just patient for now, however it hurts me.

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