Kamakura in Autumn.

 It's difficult for me to define Kamakura as a good place or not. Sure, I like old places like there, but I can't help but comparing Kyoto, a popular historical city in Japan. Well, no wonder anymore, just take a look :)

 The fact I really like it that Kamakura is very near from Tokyo. If you want to visit Kyoto from Tokyo, it'd be better to stay at least a night  there. Although you can enjoy one-day trip, but it must be tired. But Kamakura, you can make it plus stay a good night in Tokyo, eating at some restaurant and such :)

 Also, this place isn't bigger and famous than Kyoto. Just walking along forests and houses makes you feel comfortable.

 I visited some temples that day.

 One of temples had a bamboo forest. There were some people sitting while taking green tea inside.

Wow, bad attitude :) Well, I don't hate it at all :)

 When I was in Jerusalem, I found myself that I adore taking pictures of gates. I always take it whenever visiting good places regardless of countries. If the gate is beautiful, I would be excited because inside must be more beautiful, I recently found it :)


  1. I think you are right about those gates, they keep something mysterious locked up behind it which makes you very curious and eager to enter ^^

    今日はいい天気ですから、たぶん外へ行く と思う。

    でわ、またね ^^

    1. Good morning, Suzanne-san :)
      You think so too? I'm glad to hear that since not so many people seem to be interested in gates, I'm usually only the one who take it so enthusiastically :D

      We have a nice weather today here as well!
      And of course! I'll! bring! my camera!
      Have a nice daaaaay! ;)

  2. Good evening Futoshiさん、
    These are lovely pictures!
    Anyway, I just drop by to greet you Happy Holidays ahead since I won't we spending my
    Christmas and New year here in Japan..

    Wishing you a very nice Holidays! ^^

    1. めぐさん、
      Wow, you're in abroad by now?
      Tell me where you went after coming back!
      I guess it's a graduation trip or studying, I wish I could visit some place too!
      (Especially warm places!!)