A peaceful morning of June.

Sometimes I feel like everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed at the same time.


Coming to France...finally!!

 For more than a decade, it had been my long dream to travel to Europe. I love French food, I love painting in France and the Netherlands, I love culture in there. About two weeks ago, something came up in my mind, made me thought, “Well, it’s time to trip”. I immediately found a flight to France, and within two weeks, I was in Paris.

So, where shall I start with? Of course....

 French food! Yahoo!!

 The menu was only French, but they kindly told me what they can serve, and I took a steak plate with red wine. It’s been a while since I drank last time. But since I came to France, there was no reason not to have a nice wine!

The interior of the bistro was super nice. Dark wooden high stools, chic tiles on the floor, mild yellow light shining from the celling...so great.

 After taking late lunch, I began walking on Paris. Wherever I looked, there are always old architectures. Classic style apartment with balcony, and small cute chimneys on the roof..It’s quite different from home in Japan, which usually lacks individuality. 

 Crossing a famous river Seine, I arrived at the great museum Orsey, where we can find one of greatest paintings of impressionists. Like many Japanese, I'm a big fan of it, and couldn't miss it!


 Build in 1900, the architecture of Orsay was originally made for station, and transformed as a museum later on. Considering its massive space and huge clock on the glass wall, that's understandable.

 Vincent van Gogh, Ă‰douard Manet.... we can't see such scale of great artworks in Japan...Never!

 As I had a fresh fruit juice in a cafe, I finished my first day of Paris. About tomorrow? I will go to the greatest museum in the world!! :)