Curry days.

Curry. I like curry a lot.  And, of course, most people in Japan like it deeply, and we can find curry restaurant every town. There are mainly two types of curry popular in Japan: Indian curry and so called "European-style curry". The latter tastes like stew, rather than curry. That's because European-style curry was originally imported from The UK with Navy in 19 Centuries. In my memory, there were few Indian curry when I was a kid. I thought stew-like curry was the only curry exist in the world at that time. Anyway, I'm currently fond of cooking and eating curry so much that every meal became it. Haha, that's me: Once I start, I don't know how to stop. So, let me just do it more :)


Green tea around total mess days

  Despite a beautiful morning, I tend to tackle with a huge amount of works in my dining room. I do beyond my best, yet the results are always not well enough. I can't do anymore without green tea! :)