Koenji, a totally different culture grows just near a massive city Shinjuku.

 Located next to Nakano Station I posted before, Koenji (高円寺) is one of the most mysteriously deep places in Tokyo.  Like many other stations in Chuo-line, Koenji also has shopping streets both in the north and south, tiny shops selling stationary, unique colourful clothes, green tea and so forth. We can easily find a cafe to sit back for rest, and when you blankly look at the street by the window, you would frequently come across young punk-style guys with their instruments on their hands. Yes, Koenji is also famous for its sub-culture. But person like me who love take a walk and shoot pictures, it also fun just see around.

 So let's get started from southern part of the station :)

 Most shops are so unique and outstanding, and every so often, I couldn't resist to stop to see what's inside.

 After resting in a local temple just near the arcade, let's move on to the north one ;)

It looks this part is more like for ordinary customers seeking daily things, such as meat, fresh vegetables, daily supplies and liquor. But even so, small shops offer something special.

 This rice shop have a variety of kind and places to be harvested. Customers can actually touch and see the difference. It's astonishing how vary they have in such a tiny tiny space.

 I'm always a big fan of hideout-like cafe, haha.

 Before leaving, why not stroll under the railway? Unfortunately, most shops were closed until late afternoon when afterwork people gather to drink. I prefer to this lonely situation, though...

 Well, let's get back soon :)


Autumn has come.

 As the temperature drops almost 10 degrees in the morning here in Tokyo, I spend much time in my room, having a cup of green tea while reading old books. Unlike many people, I’m a big fan of cold weather: I enjoy wearing winter coat and warm muffler, walking all the way to the station, or just sitting on a chair, staring at kitchen pot boiling vegetable soup in the early morning. These are joyful moment of the season just around the corner 


600km trip to northern region Toyama, late summer, 2017.

 Sometimes I need go far away from Tokyo to get the air. And in that cases, a northern countryside province Toyama is the best option to me. One day in the late September, my friend and I decided to take one-day-car-trip there.

 We hit the road at 8 o’clock in the morning, when the sun rising up from the distance mountains, long shadows on the ground made the landscape quite dramatic. Soon after the departure, I found my friend sleeping next to my seat. That wasn’t surprising, considering the fact that we had another super busy day yesterday, made us slept late in the evening. Before I get sleepy, I just need something sweet!

So that’s it XD I can’t go without sweets!! Well, the weather could never be better, don’t you think?!

 Immediately after getting the destination, I drove straight to my favorite sushi restaurant. For me, one of the most exciting things to get to the coastal place Toyama is having super fine sushi, which is quite different from traditional Tokyo-style “Edo-mae-sushi”. They have so many unique fish and shells in Toyama, and definitely I love them all !

 Okay, before moving to the other place, we had a small break at a local Starbucks along a canal. This café was once nominated to the world’s most beautiful Starbucks, and I have no doubt about this. Not only the café itself, but also the surrounding park is breathtaking with lots of birds flying over, people from all ages walking along the canal…everything is so peaceful. I can easily stay here for hours, but for now, we had to head to the other place!

One hour from the city centre of Toyama, there is an old remote mountainous village Gokayama (五箇山). Because of difficulty getting there, it’s not so popular tourist destination despite it’s a world heritage. Thanks to my car, we drive up the steep road to get there :)

 It seemed the temperature was around 10 degrees, which was astonishing compare to 28 degrees in Tokyo. Let’s get insde now..

 Usually they are three stareys buildings, and inside was rather dark but warm enough to play with a traditional instrument for a while, haha.

 With Buckwheat noodle with sliced bear meat, I was pretty satisfied to get back to home ;)


Day trip to Toyama.

Coming soon...
(I mean "hopefully" haha)