Koenji, a totally different culture grows just near a massive city Shinjuku.

 Located next to Nakano Station I posted before, Koenji (高円寺) is one of the most mysteriously deep places in Tokyo.  Like many other stations in Chuo-line, Koenji also has shopping streets both in the north and south, tiny shops selling stationary, unique colourful clothes, green tea and so forth. We can easily find a cafe to sit back for rest, and when you blankly look at the street by the window, you would frequently come across young punk-style guys with their instruments on their hands. Yes, Koenji is also famous for its sub-culture. But person like me who love take a walk and shoot pictures, it also fun just see around.

 So let's get started from southern part of the station :)

 Most shops are so unique and outstanding, and every so often, I couldn't resist to stop to see what's inside.

 After resting in a local temple just near the arcade, let's move on to the north one ;)

It looks this part is more like for ordinary customers seeking daily things, such as meat, fresh vegetables, daily supplies and liquor. But even so, small shops offer something special.

 This rice shop have a variety of kind and places to be harvested. Customers can actually touch and see the difference. It's astonishing how vary they have in such a tiny tiny space.

 I'm always a big fan of hideout-like cafe, haha.

 Before leaving, why not stroll under the railway? Unfortunately, most shops were closed until late afternoon when afterwork people gather to drink. I prefer to this lonely situation, though...

 Well, let's get back soon :)

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