A sunset on a local bridge.

 I ran into a beautiful sunset on a local bridge the other day. Thankfully, I wasn't in hurry at that time, and it seemed the scenery could become even more attractive if I waited for a while.

 So I decided to wait :) opening up a novel, reading on the bridge while feeling the autumn cool wind coming across the river.  Just ten minutes later....

 Oh, wow! The beautiful things always make me feel my life is worth living. 


Going to "Sake Exchange Tokyo"!

 Unlike typical Japanese society, where alcohol play a big role in business meetings, festivals, and parties, my life goes well without it. But sometimes I miss the atmosphere of drinking in public, and that's exactly why I joined a fantastic workshop "Sake Exchange Tokyo" a couple nights ago.

 In this event, they serve six different sake along with dish. Each sake was paired with carefully chosen meal so that it enhances the taste of sake. It means we could enjoy not only sake, but also food :) A British professional man taught us the basic information about sake both in English and Japanese, then he told us how to make a best combination with sake and food.

 We enjoyed so many kind of sake on the evening that I almost fell asleep on the train coming back to home, haha.


A fine restaurant in a hotel.

 All I need is a calm, relaxing place to eat :)