Photographs from January.

Yeah, I still love what I'm doing :)


Joining a sake and food event!

It's always fun to join a food&drink event. A person like me, who usually don't have alcohol, can still enjoy meals and chatting. One day in January, I visited a restaurant to participate in such a wonderful event with sake and Singaporean food.

Arriving at the place, they asked each of us to grab a small sake cup. Oh, they were so nice that I couldn't find which one to get easily! (You know, I'm a dish geek!)

Well, let's take this one with mountains and fireworks!

After toasted, the party had begun with a bunch of sake. The sun was still up in the sky, and here we were, pouring sake before the glass became empty.

So many beautiful glasses and dishes...!!

It lasted for about 5 hours, I had more than 720ml of sake like other participants, and some people went so far as seeking a second place to have another drink XD


Happy New Year!

As the year 2019 has been kicked off, I see families going to a temple to pray, gathering with their relatives to celebrate new year. Yes, for Japanese, New Year's holiday is among the most important vacations of all. On the other hand, I stick to my chair, putting my energy on drawing and reading. It seems the cold weather with lots of snow helps me do so. "You've been doing them for years!" you might think, but I'm doing them more tirelessly and enthusiastically. Let's hope things would be even better in 2019 :)