Visiting Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, March 2019.

 I always love a cafe which has a big space, terrace with nice view, and good coffee, of course. And I always go such cafe whenever they open a new one in Tokyo. In early March, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo was opened near Naka-Meguro Station. It's a new concept Starbucks with bakery, liquor bar, teashop...all kind of drinks available in it. So one day, I cycled there to check what it's like :)

  I decided to get there in the early morning of 8 a.m. because they said people making queue up to five hours just to get in. But fortunately, there was nothing like that when I got there. So lucky!!

 Inside was a factory-like atmosphere with a huge roaster is on the first floor, pipes and noises are here and there. And....

 Each section has its own speciality, like fine coffee, special liquor.... My fovourite is...

 Of course, a bread! I can't go without it XD They were lining up in front of the casher, but it only took 15 minutes or so, not a big deal!

Not only coffee, but decor was so interesting, each of walls has unique character :)

 It was still cold out there at that day, however, I enjoyed having hot coffee in terrace :) You can see Meguro river, which is one of the most famous sakura spots in Tokyo just right next to the building. (I cycled there on 28 March, and it was full bloom, by the way!)



Finished reading "Killing Commendatore"

  Painting and reading were the only things I did in February 2019. Among many books was Haruki Murakami's latest long novel "Killing Commendatore(騎士団長殺し". In his typical unique style of writing and expression, I felt as if I were living in both real world and the world in novel at the same time, and I really appreciate that I can read his great works in Japanese. ( I also enjoy reading his book in English, of course, and it always makes me surprised how good the translators preserve its mood in English) The protagonist of this book is a painter by the way, and the whole story begins with finding a hidden artwork called Killing Commendatore in the attic of his house, where was once belonged to a famous painter. See, you know why I like it so much :)

  I know my painting life has just started. And I hope it's gonna be good to me :D