Nothing in particular.

Perhaps I want to destroy everything in my mind.


Take a morning walk in Gujo Hachiman!

 Driving for 80 minutes from my hometown Nagoya city, there is a beautiful riverside town called "Gujo-hachiman(郡上八幡)" among mountains. One late summer morning, I visited there to take a walk.

 Every time I think about walking somewhere nice, this place always comes up to my mind. Small, traditional Japanese houses here and there, nice clean river with fresh fish... Oh, that's wonderful just to imagine!
 Since I arrived in the early morning, I could spend time alone :)

 As time passed by, people gradually showed up in cafes and streets. They all looked relaxed being there, just like me.

 Okay, it's time to have lunch!

 Yeah, I love this special grill meal "Houba-yaki(朴葉焼き)", which is a famous food in this region. Instead of putting ingredient and beef directly on a pot, they inserted a dried leaf, then put a popular local wagyu Hida beef(飛騨牛) as well as sweet soy paste and vegetable such as mushroom, green onion.

 Coming along with rice, pickled vegetables and small dish, I was so satisfied coming there :)