In spite of extreme busy days I'd had, I went out with my lovely SLR and took some. Taking pictures is one of my small pleasure in life. Here it's Meguro river again but in the evening :) Yes, it's unusual for me both to drink alcohol and to go out in the evening. It was 500 yen for one sparkling wine, for the record :D

There were plenty of sakura, cherry blossoms along the narrow river. Because it was about 18:00, just after finishing business hours, many people enjoyed walking along this beautiful place with their friends, colleagues, and families. I was alone by the way, haha :)

Without a doubt, Tokyo is a train city. Due to heavy traffic jams when you drive a car, you had better get on them and can go anywhere, if you will. It's Yamanote-line, one of my favorite one ;)

 Went under an overpass near Akihabara, the electricity city...

 Wow, looks like an old restaurant, isn't it?

Eating Ramen, noodle near my home,

 On the way back to my home ;)

Classic and new Tokyo Station! I actually was supposed to go back to my hometown Nagoya at that time. With some misunderstanding with my boss and stuffs, I finally quit one of my job last week. Things aren't good these days though, I'll do what I can do with all my effort :)

"Where's Nikko pt2?!" you think? Hmmmmm....Next time, sorry!


Sakura, or charry blossom in Tokyo, 2013.

Just wait for a while about Nikko pt2! I can't help but writing about this year's sakura, or cherry blossom in Tokyo. Currently it's full bloom, you can find it anywhere in and around this city.

Why do all Japanese love sakura like crazy? One reason is that it blooms in a short time, just a week or two.

People in this country seem to like something little, weakness, not forever. Comparing nature that is horrible from time to time, humans are so small, almost invisible. Thus they look sakura just like they look themselves.

Unfortunately the weather lately aren't good, and it looks not good coming week neither. I just sit by the window of my own room and look dark clouds with deep sigh day after day. Yes, I like sunny days more than anything :( I took a walk in Meguro river this morning, like last year. Hmmmm.... I like pictures of last year, I should come back there soon!

Here it's Shinjuku (more about Shinjuku, see this post). Actually I didn't know there is a tiny temple with sakura despite I pass by here at least once a week.

Ah, How nice it is! I'm glad to find this huge city still have such a silent place!

It's Inokashira park (more about it, see this post) last weekend. It was warm enough to leave my heavy coat in my home, cycling there. I like this park and the city called "Kichijoji", which is located around the park because it reminds me of my hometown. They are so similar to me ;) And close to my home in Tokyo too.

I think it was around 9 o'clock in the morning when I took it, people were preparing for a party beneath a ceiling of sakura. They enjoy drinking beer, chatting and singing songs. Well, I'm not person who like this kind of get together, haha.

Okay, I promise next time will be the post about Nikko again!! See you later!! :D


Nikko, March 2013, pt1.

I went to Nikko the other day. I'd longed for visiting there for a long time when I was in Nagoya where I was born though, it was far from there to visit Nikko. Since I moved to Tokyo two years ago and it's enough for the one day trip, finally I decided to go there.

I was really looking forward to be there because I read an article of there a few years ago. It was a French person who wrote it and he said, "Nikko is a great place, could be comparable with Palace of Versailles"

Well, I've never been to France nor Palace of Versailles, however, you can't compare with it....I have to admit that and disappointed much...

Yes, it's a place where you can enjoy a whole day or two, walk around Japanese Gardens gently, listening to explanations that guides say and so on. I just... expected overly.

Well, it's "Ema"! People buy this and write their hope, such as "wish to marry him", "hope to pass the exam of that university". I really like reading those things, I mean, their hopes. It always makes me feel happy.

I found this thing for the first time..."ringtoss of luckiness". You toss three rings and you will be luck if rings are tossed successfully.

The weather wasn't good as you see, but doesn't matter you know :D


It's an old tea house :)

Although I was suppose to write all of story about Nikko, it seems I ran out of my energy and time as well! Please looking forward to the next post :)


Latest photographs in Japan, 20th March 2013.

One day I woke up early  in the morning (as usual for me :)), I got on trains to head to Nikko, where is located in Tochigi prefecture, a northern neighbor with Tokyo.

It was the day when sakura, or cherry blossoms were about to full bloom in Tokyo, however, it seemed this northern place wasn't ready for letting them do it yet.

Anyway, no Japanese hate sakura. We all love it deeply, even any TV shows feacture that predict when it will start to bloom or when to full bloom, the best place to see in your region and everything about sakura just like weather forecasts.

By the way, I decided to go to Kyoto next week, that must be the best of the best season for visiting there.

Just hope....that everything goes well just like before. Well, I will do it, I can do it ;)


Beyond the endless tunnel.

It's been two weeks since I updated a post last time.

Just like I predicted last post, I had been terribly bad mental health past two weeks. Wrist cutting, overdose.... Those old routines boiled up over and over again and there was nothing I could do.

Not only because of this reason, but I left Tokyo and staying in northern part of Japan by myself right now, just hope to turn things round better. No work, no stress, no nothing. Sure, this kind of thing never solve problems, however, it's something necessary for me now.


Whatever happens, I'll be right here :)