Latest photographs in Japan, 20th March 2013.

One day I woke up early  in the morning (as usual for me :)), I got on trains to head to Nikko, where is located in Tochigi prefecture, a northern neighbor with Tokyo.

It was the day when sakura, or cherry blossoms were about to full bloom in Tokyo, however, it seemed this northern place wasn't ready for letting them do it yet.

Anyway, no Japanese hate sakura. We all love it deeply, even any TV shows feacture that predict when it will start to bloom or when to full bloom, the best place to see in your region and everything about sakura just like weather forecasts.

By the way, I decided to go to Kyoto next week, that must be the best of the best season for visiting there.

Just hope....that everything goes well just like before. Well, I will do it, I can do it ;)

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