Marunouchi's illumination :)

I visited Marunouchi district, near Tokyo Station yesterday. There are plenty of things to see, including my favourite tea shop, clothing store, sweet cafe and so forth. It always fascinates me to walk under the illumination trees lining up on streets.

 And yes, I paint bit by bit on weekday :)


My brother's departure for Germany.

January was a relatively calm month for me. Because I quit a job in December, I finally found myself cooking much more than before. Like anytime, I tend to cook small dishes instead of a gorgeous, big one, then eat them bit by bit as if I was digging a narrow tunnel. And you know what, I love it. In the end of the month, one of my brother moved to Germany for work. We got together days before his departure, having nice white wine with pasta and fresh salad. We talked a lot about our old memorable stories.

 While 2010s was a decade of tremendous tragedy for me with waves of depression and devoice, he made his way, joined a remarkable workplace, got married, bought a super luxury apartment. But thankfully enough, we have been able to hung out without paying any attentions on our different climate. We cooked together, helped each other whenever needed. I'm so proud of being his brother.
 Well, I don't think living apart changes our solid relationship dramatically. Let's see how it turns out to be :)

  Oh, I just want to put my drawings below!