Untitled evening.

I just...want to do my way for the time being.


Kushi for dinner.

 My brother and I went to a so-called kushi restaurant in Shibuya last week. Like any other kushi restaurants, it was filled with smoke from grilling kitchen, as well as cigarettes’ smoke from other people enjoying eating and talking. We ordered a variety of chicken meals, and the first plate was chopped raw chicken. Well, I heard of people eating raw chicken, but I had never actually seen the real one. It's always nice to experience new thing, isn't it? The taste was not fatty and good for hot days like summer. (As you can see in this photo, wasabi and sliced onion was great when you eat along with raw chickens.)
 We talked a lot, like what happened since last time we met, and by the time we left the restaurant, it was almost midnight. "I must fall asleep while being on the train to come back to my home!" I thought myself and began to walk toward the station nearby. 

 My latest work :) Shuttling between the library and my home became my routine, and this temple is just besides the library. One day I was taking the lunch outside, I found an old temple stood there. With my pen and paper, I sit in a shade of a tree, then started to draw it. When I finished it, the shade had already moved and I found myself shined by the sun :)


An afternoon at Haneda Airport.

 Sometimes we have to go out when we feel frustrated in our daily life. In that case, Haneda Airport,mainly used for domestic flights and LCCs but also for international flight in recent years, may be a good destination to visit. I went to the airport a couple weeks ago, just see the planes and the passengers go back and forth. Despite people rushed in and out of the airport, I was waiting for nothing in particular. I climbed on a deck nearby, then took a glance once in a while, especially when a loud sound wrapped on it.

 One thing I noticed about the airport was we can visit without any purpose. We can drink, eat in a fine restaurant, and buy clothes and stuff. It was like a mega shopping mall. Since I like this kind of place, I spent much more time than I expected.

I was lucky I found Mt. Fuji before I left. Also, Sky Tree and Tokyo Bay was in my sight. It was a nice afternoon :)