Kushi for dinner.

 My brother and I went to a so-called kushi restaurant in Shibuya last week. Like any other kushi restaurants, it was filled with smoke from grilling kitchen, as well as cigarettes’ smoke from other people enjoying eating and talking. We ordered a variety of chicken meals, and the first plate was chopped raw chicken. Well, I heard of people eating raw chicken, but I had never actually seen the real one. It's always nice to experience new thing, isn't it? The taste was not fatty and good for hot days like summer. (As you can see in this photo, wasabi and sliced onion was great when you eat along with raw chickens.)
 We talked a lot, like what happened since last time we met, and by the time we left the restaurant, it was almost midnight. "I must fall asleep while being on the train to come back to my home!" I thought myself and began to walk toward the station nearby. 

 My latest work :) Shuttling between the library and my home became my routine, and this temple is just besides the library. One day I was taking the lunch outside, I found an old temple stood there. With my pen and paper, I sit in a shade of a tree, then started to draw it. When I finished it, the shade had already moved and I found myself shined by the sun :)


  1. こんにちは:)
    You ate raw chicken? I've never heard of that before, I always believed that eating raw chicken could be harmful to your health because if the bacteria that might be in it when it is eaten uncooked. Then how is it possible to just eat it like that? Or maybe because it is in small quantities, it is okay to eat it raw? Just like raw eggs?

    That said, I still want to try and eat it haha. I'm always so curious and eager to experience new things.
    Which reminds me of the first time I ate whale in Japan in a small sushi place.
    The service was great and we could choose from a great variety of alcoholic beverages.
    I was with a Japanese friend and my Dutch friend there and we sat down at the counter in front of the chef.
    Then suddenly, my Japanese friend ordered us some whale sashimi to try.
    It was deepfrozen and I accompanied by ginger, wasabi and, of course, soy sauce.
    So I carefully took a small bite of the deep red meat and, it tasted absolutely delicious ;3
    After leaving it stand for a few minutes it began to defrost, so the plate on which the whale was served slowly turned red from the blood that came out. I took another piece, and because it was not frozen anymore I could taste the meat so much better.
    The firm texture, the mild taste, it somehow reminded me of マグロ。
    I savoured every bite, because I knew I would not eat this again in the near future.
    All in all I had a very good experience ^^

    Of course I know about the controversy surrounding the fishing and eating of whale, and I think it is horrifying to see how they catch the whales and slice them up. But I am to eager to try and taste everything, as I don't often have these kinds of chances. I can live without eating whale, sure. But for this one time, I still wanted to eat it, as I believe I won't eat it ever again.

    1. こんにちは、Suzanne-san :)

      Thank you for telling your story about whales and thought about eating raw chickens.
      The first thing came up in my mind was that what you eat is your call.
      You know, Japanese people eat not only raw fish and raw eggs, but they also eat something absolutely contains poison, such as puffurfish.
      Of course, we only eat the part of puffurfish which don't have poison and served by professional chefs, but, some kind of them do have poison across their body, and nobody knows where to eat.
      If you don't want to die because of taking bad ingredients or foods, the best way to avoid is not to eat.
      That may be a reason why people still eat dangerous foods while it actually causes people to be dead.

      About eating raw chicken, they always say it's far more dangerous than eating raw beef or pork.
      I believe they carefully cook it, for example, use the different nife when they slice raw chickens.
      However, nothing can be perfect as you know, thus it's possible to get ill by taking it.

      To tell the truth, I hardly have experience to eat whales by the way.
      I know I often see sliced one in supermarkets, and it's indeed more common scene in the recent years.
      I should try one sometime.

      I think I sensed you mentioned about capturing whales.
      You disagree with that, but ate it.
      I personally think they are separate issues, and eating whales doesn't immediately mean you support to capture it.
      Considering the fact that I've hardly eaten it in my entire life, it's not necessary to eat it from now on, too.
      But I do want to know what the whale tastes like, just as if other foods I've never tasted.

      Anyway, it looks there are much more amazing foods in this country, and I'll show you whenever I found another one :)