Two different packed meals "Bento" with colourful seasonal cuisine :)

 If you're in hurry and don't have much time to eat at a restaurant, having boxed meal "Bento (弁当)"  is the best way to go. Not only yummy, but also a great way to have many traditional Japanese foods at one time: grilled fish like salmon, seasonal vegetable are typical ones for it. So, one extremely busy day, I decided to take a bento for lunch :)

 The contents of three different types of tasted rice never made me tired of eating! They steamed rice with clam, fish and...well, I forgot the last one XD Also, sweet potato covered with black sesame gave me a short break after eating the rest of food, as if it was a cake served after dinner.

 The thing was, I was still hungry at that point. So why don't I take one more Bento?

Here it is, the package itself looks...how can I say? hmm....complex? ;)  Anyway, let's open up.

 It was another gorgeous one, however, this one tasted like sushi. Sour taste rice beneath colourful food, I fully enjoyed my lunchtime :)