Before getting back to my country.

 It was 2005 when I first traveled abroad by myself. Ever since, traveling has been something special for me and anytime I feel tired being in my country, I packed my belongings to leave somewhere besides Japan. My destination was usually so called "developing country". Why? It's quite simple. They have many things that my country lost a long time ago. Poverty? Unequivalent?  No, that's not what I want to say at all. Their honesty, kind relationship and so forth keep attracting me, and that's why I come back over and over. In this traveling to Central America, I discovered similar feeling toward them. Truly, I want to be a person who is always able to see them.  Well, I'll be back to my country tomorrow :)


A brief post of Costa Rica.

 As I visit farms, I found many dongs jumping around me. They said dogs are useful for guarding. It must be true, but I thought they are too cute and couldn't help petting. I'm in the national airport in Costa Rica, waiting for my flight to Guatemala. Hopefully this final destination brings blissful days to me :D


Greeting from Costa Rica :)


 Finally, I'm sitting in front of my computer and writing it! :) I'm in San Jose, Costa Rica. Unlike Nicaragua I spent a couple days, it's cooler and lots of buildings I could see. Nicaragua! Well, it became my favorite country now ;) I tend to like tiny unknown places and if you think so too, Nicaragua is highly recommend destination! :D Going to rural villages and tasting a bunch of coffee has been one of my routine recently. Person who likes nature would never get sick of this country ;) Oh, I almost forgot to say. What impressed the most while I was on a plane was they have a USB port for charging the energy! Wow, I can live forever! ;)

 I've met many great people, not only from this region, but also from other places, such as New Zealand and the U.S. Chatting with people while eating is my all-time favorite, sometimes I easily spend several hours, haha. Well, I'm off :)


Leaving for Central America.

 When someone asked us if anyone could join him, I was the first person to raise my hand. It was my workplace early in 2013, or late 2012. We've sold many kinds of coffee beans, and that person  was an importer who goes into farms around the world to discover fine beans. Due to my unstable mental, I was on the brink of giving up, well, it was really hard time. But I got through it and eventually I'll leave for Central America tomorrow, 9th February 2014! :)

 The problem is the weather for today and tomorrow. We have a heavy snow throughout today, many forecasts  repeatedly warn us it's once in two decades' scale. Alright, I think the flight of mine won't be what it should be. What I believe now is one thing; I'll be there in the Central America, no matter what. I cooked lunch and dinner like every day as well as having a couple of coffee while taking a look at the snow falling from the window sometimes.

 This is my first journey which isn't for the sake of my own purpose. I always travel the way I want, like, alone, spending a month or two, totally free from anything. This time, it's opposite. I have to be with someone almost everytime, which must make me feel tired more often than not, and all schedules have already been set. What made me the most upset about was that no one even tried to get there. We are taking coffee every day, and finally we have a chance to see the farms that we are now familiar with. Why don't you do it, I mean, at least try? The money situation? Fair enough, that's what annoys me all the time. However, the point isn't money at all, we can try, but they don't even try to do so. As I explained about my trip there, many people were amazed and told me to get there on behalf of them. I'm ready to go there on behalf of the coffee bean shop I work for, but also, I don't want to forget people encouraged me.

 It's 16-day-trip by the way and I'm not so sure if I could connect the internet like here. But I will be here to write what I see, feel and touch as much as I could.

 Okay, it's time to leave :)


Around Roppongi district, and more :)

 For me, The district called Roppongi in Tokyo is gorgeous,  stylish and high rank place for shopping. However, there are not only that, so I'd like to introduce the way how I usually enjoy the place.

 Every weekend you can find a farmer's market in front of United Nations University. From many regions' vegetables, fresh foods are available there. I like to visit this place, especially because they have a bunch of unique vegetables displayed. Once I find something interesting, I would ask the clerk what it is, what it tastes like and so forth. Generally, they kindly respond me with the details of their harvests.

 That day I ate a hamburger at Kua Aina (official URL is here). Unlike ordinary fast food restaurants, they serve rich hamburgers and many kinds of drinks, soups, and you can choose which kind of cheese you want to eat with hamburger when you order. I like the idea that we can choose from many options  in the Hawaiian style decor  inside:) Oh, don't forget to find coupons on the websites, they frequently update it so that customers could add topping for free of charge :D I added extra cheese by the way :)

  In nice weather nothing beats taking a walk around there. I visited The National Art Center, Tokyo. While I didn't see galleries in it, I took a rest in front of the entrance.

 It was also cool to stay a bit, for sure, and I remember the first time I went there. I was so tired because of the hot humid weather at that time, I couldn't help but sleeping one of the chairs. Best for napping, I thought ;)

 Although cafes and restaurants are available, I just sit down for a while, probably 20 minutes or so, then picked flyers up so that I could find schedules of temporary galleries upcoming in Tokyo. Well, I like this place :D


   This was a lunch sometime before. These days, I tend to eat leftovers for my lunch, plus I like eating slowly. Sipping a cup of tea or two, eating meals with my chopsticks, it's not unusual to take an hour to finish to eat. I know how it would sound, so strange, I should eat faster. Still, I prefer to spend time to taste all of them, and get back to my work :)

 Oh, it's Tai-meshi, another food cooked with Nabe (about Nabe, see this post of my blog). Yes, I have to admit it's difficult to remove its bones, yet sometimes this top-notch meal is needed for my life ;)

 A few days ago, a friend of mine came in my home to have a party. He brought many many kinds of sake, or Japanese alcohol to drink together. We chatted, ate, drank for 6 hours (!!!!) His task was to buy sake, and mine was preparing for Sushi. We share a passion for tasting nice foods and drinks, it's really a must for my life :D