A brief post of Costa Rica.

 As I visit farms, I found many dongs jumping around me. They said dogs are useful for guarding. It must be true, but I thought they are too cute and couldn't help petting. I'm in the national airport in Costa Rica, waiting for my flight to Guatemala. Hopefully this final destination brings blissful days to me :D


  1. Good afternoon!
    I really like how you shoot in digital...
    so refreshing pictures!

    The first photo was beautifully captured^^

    1. Megu-san, good morning! :)
      How have you been? Have you decided where to live?^^
      Over here it's a beautiful morning in Guatemala City and I just came back from a cafe nearby my hotel.
      I leave for the U.S. in this afternoon, then back to Tokyo! :D

      Oh, I like your film photographs too!
      You always inspire me ;)

    2. oh really! that was so quick! but I hope you enjoyed your trip^^
      Anyway I'm planning to check some unit this weekend(hopefully) it is really hard to find good place (*O*)

      Thank you so much!
      just got my film last Sunday but I'm really trying my best not to upload all of them at once haha!

    3. Megu-san, good morning :)
      It's raining here in Tokyo, yes, I'm finally back to my country!
      Did you find good place to live by the way?
      It's always exciting to try to find new place, isn't it?!
      I hope you'll find nice room! :D