Greeting from Costa Rica :)


 Finally, I'm sitting in front of my computer and writing it! :) I'm in San Jose, Costa Rica. Unlike Nicaragua I spent a couple days, it's cooler and lots of buildings I could see. Nicaragua! Well, it became my favorite country now ;) I tend to like tiny unknown places and if you think so too, Nicaragua is highly recommend destination! :D Going to rural villages and tasting a bunch of coffee has been one of my routine recently. Person who likes nature would never get sick of this country ;) Oh, I almost forgot to say. What impressed the most while I was on a plane was they have a USB port for charging the energy! Wow, I can live forever! ;)

 I've met many great people, not only from this region, but also from other places, such as New Zealand and the U.S. Chatting with people while eating is my all-time favorite, sometimes I easily spend several hours, haha. Well, I'm off :)


  1. Hi there!
    Nice to know you are having a good time!
    Honestly I don't have any idea about "Nicaragua" so I searched about it and you're so right!
    nature lovers would really enjoy that place! I hope I can visit places like that someday...the landscapes and views are splendid!

    1. Good evening, oh it's good morning in your place XD Yes, I have nice days in Costa Rica, yeaaaah :)
      The only thing I've heard of Nicaragua was in the film "Terminator 2", when the hero mentioned about his young ages spending in Nicaragua to train his skill for using weapon :)
      But look at the bright sight! The beautiful nature covers the whole country and there aren't so many people for sightseeing :D

  2. いいね。 ^^
    I hope you are really enjoying yourself (and the nice, warm weather of course! (;
    Ooohh what's that nice cocktail on that last picture of yours, おいしそう ^^

    Take care of yourself and be safe! :D

    1. Suzanne-chan :)
      Yeah, I'm really enjoying its calm weather, food and kind people! And hotels are all good, I have a problem with my money situation though, haha.
      The cocktail I took in Hard Rock Cafe! :D
      It was my inaugural visit there, I like it! :)

      I'll be back on 25th February^^