Goodbye 2018! ;)

Unlike previous years, if not a decade, 2018 was one of the most peaceful years for me. I dedicated myself to read old novels, taking photos, and drawing in my room. And most importantly, once again, I felt that I love what I'm doing. I know bad thing happens anytime. It could crush me badly, or change my life once and for all. Like they say, "When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions"
  Yes, bad things hit me hard during 2018, and sometimes I felt as if I lived between a series of tragedies. I had to change a job twice (mind you, leaving a job within a few months is highly unrecommended in Japan), I fell in love with someone and broke up suddenly. However, it didn't stop me from having green tea in the morning, reading books on train, or drawing a small sketch in the night. I guess I'm making some progress to deal with it while keep myself calm. My gut says the year of 2019 would even better than 2018, and I'm so looking forward to it :)

So, here are my favourite pictures taken in 2018. I hope you feel something special as you see them :)

Let's see in 2019 again, shall we? :D


coffee and sketch :)

  Cozy cafe is one of my best destinations to visit. And recently, I find myself more and more being there, almost everyday. Reading papers and novels, or just closing my eyes, not thinking anything. 

  Sometimes I sketch a scenery while taking coffee. Yeah, I love what I'm doing :)


In a snowy mountain..

  Just following your steps, looking at nothing but your shoulder.


memories of December.

I'm so proud that I still enjoy what I'm doing :)


10-course Kaiseki cuisine, a traditional Japanese meal course :)

 At 25th floor of a fancy hotel, there is a cool Japanese restaurant. One day, my friend and I went to there to see what the food is like :)

 Started with a glass of sparkling wine, they serve colouful dish with seasonal ingredient and autumn leaves. Like many other traditional Kaiseki(懐石料理) dish, they also remind me of Autumn and upcoming winter.

Good thing about Kaiseki cuisine is that you can taste wide range of food, from sashimi to seasoned rice, and that's why I love it, so enjoyable :)

 Oh, I forgot to take photos of some other dish! XD

 Okay, let's take a walk before getting back to home.

 Early December is one of the best time to come to Japan. It's still not so cold, and autumn leaves are so fascinating! ;)


Cooking November.

The biggest thing about quit the job is that I can cook myself profoundly....again! :)


Gorgeous days.

Food and people are all I need to live in peace :)


In the wake of dull October....

 When October has finally gone, a sense of relief came in my mind, and I thought, "Oh, I don't have to repeat this dull month anymore".

 During the month, I'd read a bunch of books, mostly a century-old novels. I was reading as if I was trying to run away from something, or perhaps, eagerly reach out to something. Maybe the both. For me, October turned out to be a book month in the end. I just hope I can spend more relaxed days in upcoming months.

 Anyway, life goes on no matter how hard it is, and I'll carry on with it :)


Nothing in particular.

Perhaps I want to destroy everything in my mind.


Take a morning walk in Gujo Hachiman!

 Driving for 80 minutes from my hometown Nagoya city, there is a beautiful riverside town called "Gujo-hachiman(郡上八幡)" among mountains. One late summer morning, I visited there to take a walk.

 Every time I think about walking somewhere nice, this place always comes up to my mind. Small, traditional Japanese houses here and there, nice clean river with fresh fish... Oh, that's wonderful just to imagine!
 Since I arrived in the early morning, I could spend time alone :)

 As time passed by, people gradually showed up in cafes and streets. They all looked relaxed being there, just like me.

 Okay, it's time to have lunch!

 Yeah, I love this special grill meal "Houba-yaki(朴葉焼き)", which is a famous food in this region. Instead of putting ingredient and beef directly on a pot, they inserted a dried leaf, then put a popular local wagyu Hida beef(飛騨牛) as well as sweet soy paste and vegetable such as mushroom, green onion.

 Coming along with rice, pickled vegetables and small dish, I was so satisfied coming there :)