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Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

Few days ago I went to Minato Mirai, Yokohama for some chores. The name of "Minato" means port, and "Mirai" means future respectively.

There is sightseeing spot. merry-go-round, tall buildings and sea are there. Nice, nothing to say.

After that, I walked to the building so called "Red Brick Warehouse". It was once used for warehouse, but was long time ago. Now became a place where people enjoy shopping inside.

beautiful, really...

Since it is along seaside, usually wind blows hardly, so you had better getting some outer clothes even in the night of hot summer.

Taking pictures is always my big fun. I will keep doing it wherenever, or whenever it is ;)


By the way, I plan to travel the South East Asian countries in the end of this year. I already booked the flight, but running out of my money to travel there :(  Fortunately, there is still some time left. I do my best to work and saving money ;)


calligraphy in Japan?

Good evening, or good morning perhaps for many people. I write about calligraphy in Japan today. Probably it's not calligraphy in "Japan", but it's "my" calligraphy. You want to know Japanese traditional one ? Hmmmm.... I'll write it in the future since I have no stuff for it :(

OK, this above photograph is a symbol of me. Not cool? Don't say that ;) It's handmade, I used small ballpoint to draw this.
 I invented this picture when I was a junior high school student. I was during the class of art, and the teacher taught us how to draw pictures. I was bored, but listening it. After that class, I happened to invite it.

It didn't take time to complete and satisfy myself. Since then, I have been drawing this symbol in the last of letters and so forth.
What does it mean by the way? Like any other characters in Japanese, this letter has several meanings. One of it and one of the most favorite meaning of me is "master". Sure, master itself also has many meanings in English. But what I want to say is something (or someone) who is accomplished, experienced. He (she or even it) put enormous effort for that and finally became a master.

This is the original letter. How to read it? It depends on how to connect with other characters, but basically pronounced "kiwame". Almost all Japanese don't know how many characters are in our country. It's huge number, nearly countless. So you can choose your own favorite character from it. Don't worry, all Japanese don't remember all Japanese letters. We just know which we usually use :) Everyday we find characters which we are unable to read even for adults. Such time, we ask other person or just check it out by the cell phone. Things work out all right by this way . So, don't worry at all ;)



Let me introduce myself ;) I currently am 25-year-old, born in Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan. I love cooking, mainly European and some Japanese food as well. Also, I like listening to the music that are not popular in Japan (I always love something not popular).
Traveling is one of the key to understand me. I started it in 2005, when I just became 18 years old.

First place that I decided to travel was Cambodia. I spent almost one month living with Cambodian family.

After that, I traveled Middle East, East Africa. I have a lot of memories which always remember. Ah, it's the greatest experience, isn't it ?

One thing that cannot avoid to tell you is about my sick. I have been suffering from mental illness nearly a decade. I once tried to commit suicide and brought to ICU in the hospital as the result. Years of bitterness left countless scar of wrist cutting. But recent year, this problem is getting much better. Slowly but surely it's recovering.

At the moment, I am in the middle of time for recharging. Hope to be fine again as soon as possible.

hmmmmmm.....That's me :D


First French food.

I cooked "galette" for the first French food ;) I don't know whether this is right way to cook it or not. I chose a egg, champignon, cheese, and ham. Taste really good, I felt the wind of France ! :)


Near Tsukiji, from tall building.

Having a lunch with my family near Tsukiji. It was beautiful scenery, and meal was good. Best satisfaction ! Photo taken in Shiodome, Tokyo.


fireworks (hanabi) No.2

I'm in my hometown Nagoya right now. Last night I went to see fireworks to Tokai City.

Great, again, great !!

I love fireworks more than anything...!!

It's our usual practice for summer holidays to go and see fireworks in some place.

I usually go to Mie prefecture, but this year, I decided to go to Tokai City. Nearer than Mie prefecture, not so crowded, pictures that I shot were better than I first thought, everything was better than previous years :)


Night in Kichijoji.

Kichijoji, at night :)


Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum.

I went to Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum one fine day. It is near my home, and I have a free pass for a year, so I visit here more than 20 times in one year.

Because I come here so many times, I didn't shoot much pictures for this blog...

This museum preserve many kinds of architectures which were built many years ago. Mainly from Meiji Era (1868-1912) to Showa era (1926-1989), I definitely love those periods...
This is an old public bath.

Sure, that time it was hard to live, but why they are so attractive...?

Although it is really great museum, I hardly see people inside. One reason is that it is not near from the station. I can go there by bicycle, but many other people need to find a bus to take from the station along Chuo-line.

It is said that this building inspired the film called "Spirited Away", Japanese catoon. There is another building that inspired the film. Oh, I forgot to take it...

These are Japanese traditional umbrellas. How much do you think it is ? It was sold $120 when I saw at the festival ! I don't afford to buy it...

It has many other buildings that I missed to take, well, those are maybe for another time !


Tokyo Camii, mosque in Tokyo.

I like mosque !

I visited to Tokyo Camii in the morning. since I am a morning person, I usually visit someplace just after its open.

It seemed this mosque looks like Turkish style. Located near Yoyogi-uehara station, I walked for 30 minutes from Shibuya station though.

It's been a while since I visited a mosque last time !

I'm not a Muslim, nor Buddhist, I just believe myself. Still, I respect people who has faith. Even sometime I thought I had had faith. Japan is considered to be a Buddhist country, but many of us don't go to the temple except new year, many of us take wedding ceremony in church. So, are we Buddhist ? Of course there are many people who are faithful especially older person.

I heard some years ago on TV that there are about 75,000 Muslims in this country. Population in Japan is about 128 million, so it's quite rare to see Muslims.

Not only there are few Muslims, but also many Japanese don't know well about Islam. After 9.11, some people have preoccupation that Islam and Muslims are dangerous. I found how peaceful they are when I traveled Middle East, so I try people around me not to have such a bad thought. By the way, I traveled there for three times... I love Middle East :)

Tokyo camii was much more beautiful than I first expected. Worth visiting even if you are not Muslim. This mosque opens for anyone and you can shoot photograph if you ask and permitted at the front desk. I want to visit again !