Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

Few days ago I went to Minato Mirai, Yokohama for some chores. The name of "Minato" means port, and "Mirai" means future respectively.

There is sightseeing spot. merry-go-round, tall buildings and sea are there. Nice, nothing to say.

After that, I walked to the building so called "Red Brick Warehouse". It was once used for warehouse, but was long time ago. Now became a place where people enjoy shopping inside.

beautiful, really...

Since it is along seaside, usually wind blows hardly, so you had better getting some outer clothes even in the night of hot summer.

Taking pictures is always my big fun. I will keep doing it wherenever, or whenever it is ;)


By the way, I plan to travel the South East Asian countries in the end of this year. I already booked the flight, but running out of my money to travel there :(  Fortunately, there is still some time left. I do my best to work and saving money ;)


  1. Good luck with money saving, the trip will be worth it!!!! The most expensive is the flight!!!!! Very Nice pictures of Yokohama by night!!!!

    1. That's true! The problem is cost for flight!!!! I already started saving money ;)

  2. Nice pics as usual!
    Too bad your travel has to be delayed..
    Where are you going to travel?
    I live in Indonesia. I hope someday you can come visit our country ^^!

    1. I plan to travel Indochina countries; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Wow, you live in Indonesia! I haven't been there yet. But my friend just went back from Bali for his holiday. Many people go there for their vacation :)

    2. Bali is very famous indeed.
      Even more famous than Indonesia itself.
      But i seldom go there.
      Too crowded for me, thus i don't really like beach coz i couldn't swim ^^

      Wow, your itinerary seems very interesting!
      How long will you be traveling?
      You seem like Cambodia, since you've been there a few times.

      I went to Viet-Thai in April last year, substituted the Japan trip which was cancelled due to tsunami.
      I wanted to continue to Siem Reap & Thousand Islands, but didn't have enough time back then :(

      Anyway, i like vietnam!
      The people are nice & friendly. And they speaks english pretty well too.
      The only thing tht a bit inconvenient was the bus trip.
      It took pretty long time to travel from city to city.

      Well, i hope you will have a wonderful travel next winter!
      It would be great if someday you can visit Indonesia too ^^!

    3. You seldom go Bali, hmmm.... I can see your feeling. In my country, the most famous beach is in Okinawa island, and I went there twice with my family when I was a child, but now I don't feel like going there again soon since I don't like crowded place either :(

      My traveling in the winter will last for 3 weeks!
      My wife will join before New Year in Thailand, and will fly to Vietnam directly. Then, travel back to Thailand through Cambodia by bus. I have some friends in Vietnam and Cambodia, I look forward to seeing them again ;)

      You traveled Jordan and South East Asian countries. You are also traveler! :)