Let me introduce myself ;) I currently am 25-year-old, born in Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan. I love cooking, mainly European and some Japanese food as well. Also, I like listening to the music that are not popular in Japan (I always love something not popular).
Traveling is one of the key to understand me. I started it in 2005, when I just became 18 years old.

First place that I decided to travel was Cambodia. I spent almost one month living with Cambodian family.

After that, I traveled Middle East, East Africa. I have a lot of memories which always remember. Ah, it's the greatest experience, isn't it ?

One thing that cannot avoid to tell you is about my sick. I have been suffering from mental illness nearly a decade. I once tried to commit suicide and brought to ICU in the hospital as the result. Years of bitterness left countless scar of wrist cutting. But recent year, this problem is getting much better. Slowly but surely it's recovering.

At the moment, I am in the middle of time for recharging. Hope to be fine again as soon as possible.

hmmmmmm.....That's me :D


  1. Suzanne8/23/2012

    hi! I just started following your blog and I really like it, especially the pictures(that's the main reason why I keep coming back) I have to say I admire you for your honesty about your illness.

    I'm a 17 year old girl from The Netherlands and I love Japan. And in one year I'll be studying Japanese as well. (first have to graduate from pre-university college though ^^ )

    I'm really looking forward to your next post!

    1. Hi, Suzanne. Thank you for your comment and following my blog :) Yes, I forgot to mention in the post but photograph is one of my big hobby!
      I wondered if I should tell my illness or not, but I want this blog to be a place where I could tell anything I thought, so I did.
      You are 17-year-old! How young you are! ;) When I was your age, I couldn't write English like you ! (So is now, haha...)
      I hope you enjoy studying English and keep coming my blog. I will tell more about my country and my culture in here.

    2. Suzanne8/24/2012

      thanks for your quick reply! I will most definitely come back to your blog since I want to live in Japan when I'm older. I can learn a lot from you :D
      oh and by the way, your english is very good ^^

    3. Wow, thank you again for your reply!! I am glad to hear that you want to live in Japan as well as learning the language. You really encourage me to keep writing this blog! Today I write about letters in Japan! Don't miss it ;)

  2. Hi Iko48, How are you today? I hope you feel great. I'm sorry to read that you suffer from this illness, but I think it's very courageous that you are so open about it. I wish you all the happiness and health you deserve!

    1. Good morning! I'm very fine lately. It is getting better and better. Recently, Most of the days I can sleep without sleeping medicine. So, don't worry. Thank you ;)

  3. Pleasure to meet you, Iko48!
    I love travelling too, but your experience seems way more ^^!
    I think you are a very brave person. Hope you always be courage & happy.

    1. Thanks for giving me a comment :) I know you are traveler as well ;) (I checked some of your comment which I haven't replied.) I always try to be happy, and thank you again that your comment makes me happy :P