calligraphy in Japan?

Good evening, or good morning perhaps for many people. I write about calligraphy in Japan today. Probably it's not calligraphy in "Japan", but it's "my" calligraphy. You want to know Japanese traditional one ? Hmmmm.... I'll write it in the future since I have no stuff for it :(

OK, this above photograph is a symbol of me. Not cool? Don't say that ;) It's handmade, I used small ballpoint to draw this.
 I invented this picture when I was a junior high school student. I was during the class of art, and the teacher taught us how to draw pictures. I was bored, but listening it. After that class, I happened to invite it.

It didn't take time to complete and satisfy myself. Since then, I have been drawing this symbol in the last of letters and so forth.
What does it mean by the way? Like any other characters in Japanese, this letter has several meanings. One of it and one of the most favorite meaning of me is "master". Sure, master itself also has many meanings in English. But what I want to say is something (or someone) who is accomplished, experienced. He (she or even it) put enormous effort for that and finally became a master.

This is the original letter. How to read it? It depends on how to connect with other characters, but basically pronounced "kiwame". Almost all Japanese don't know how many characters are in our country. It's huge number, nearly countless. So you can choose your own favorite character from it. Don't worry, all Japanese don't remember all Japanese letters. We just know which we usually use :) Everyday we find characters which we are unable to read even for adults. Such time, we ask other person or just check it out by the cell phone. Things work out all right by this way . So, don't worry at all ;)


  1. Suzanne8/24/2012

    konbanwa! I was waiting for this post ;)
    The thing I love most about learning Japanese is writing. I've already mastered hiragana and katakana by myself and here you are, turning it into some kind of art. It looks amazing!

    1. ohayou, Suzanne :) Sorry for late reply. You mastered hiragana and katakana! That's great ;) Only you need to learn in writing is just kanji. There is called "Shuji", calligraphy in Japan. Many children learn it in the school. I really like it! :)