Cooking food too much....as ever!

 I tend to stock things too much. In the small storage of my apartment, I always get at least a dozen of paper towel boxes, which is unnecessarily big number for a person living alone. I begin to feel anxious, however, once my stock comes down a dozen. Don’t ask me why. It just the way I am XD
Likewise, I tend to cook too much. I know, it covers a whole week of my consumption. And I can’t stop cooking once it starts, haha.


living in a new and old life.

 As days and weeks go by so fast, I begin to walk more, just as if I was trying to catch up the new situation around me. I know it doesn't make any sense, but what can we do else when we have no idea what's going on inside and outside of yourself?
 The point is, I eager to stay where I belonged for more than a decade: simple and quiet life. I know that busy days is about to grab me away, but until then, let me live the way I love ;)


Not yet.

I'm not broken. Not yet, at least.


Moving to a new apartment.

 A night before moving to a new apartment, I dined at a small local restaurant myself. I was married when I started living in Tokyo seven years ago. When I had to move to a small apartment after divorce three years ago, my life had suddenly fallen into miserable. I felt I’ve done, no good thing would ever happen in my life again. That’s when I began to turn my eyes on myself rather than outside.

 Reading books underneath a bedside lamp before sleep, cycling go back and forth to the workplace for 40km, and make fine green tea while enjoying its flavour and steam beautifully coming out of my tiny tea pot for daily basis.
 At some point of this period, something hit me like lightning. I mean, I thought that the inner world might be as profound as the outer one. I know it sounds odd, but somehow it made sense to me. If you can actually feel content with your own, then you would be able to live a harmoniously peaceful life.

 Although I moved to a new place, new work, a whole new situation, most things in my mind hasn’t changed: I still love cooking after work, put smile on my face as I write a message on a postcard before sleep, things that I’m used to. Well, life goes on, and I’m no longer afraid of its continuity :)