cooking blows my daily frustration :)

 It was Saturday when I was so exhausted from work, and I thought I need to create something good in this world. So I rushed to a local supermarket, bought a variety of vegetables, then head back to home. Within minutes, I stood the kitchen, began to cook. Two types of jams (banana with caramel sauce, and freshly harvested grape jam) comes first, then baked a bread. As I kept cooking  so many food and see them accumulated in the refrigerator, I felt deeply content. It reminds me of a famous spy film "Munich", which, in the story, the star actor cooked excessively as he felt frustrated chasing the targets. Well, for me, cooking is something fulfilling my heart :)


All I need is a fine meal.

  Last weekday was extremely busy ones, with endless chores, backlashing and criticising here and there in the workplace, I hate it all. I really felt like being home, doing something with my hands, such as cooking hot meals or drawing on my sketchbook... So I took days off, cooked many treats, slept well, then I came back on track.

 Fresh raw fish sashimi (刺身) along with steamed rice, soy soup miso-shiru (味噌汁) with tofu and green onion, and  green salad with boiled pumpkin and sliced maribo cheese from Denmark on top :)

 Yeah, I need flower in my life, you know!

 As ever, nice meals made me feel content, and I do love what I cook. It's quite important for me to create something I love :)


food, food, food!

 I've been under a huge pressure for the past several weeks, and sometimes I was really in need for getting out of everything, and head to a nice restaurant.  Like always, I love eat out for sushi. Sitting on a chair while sushi chefs behind the counter cook sushi, take care of whole fresh fish to cut, slice with care, then put them in the fridge. I always like every move sushi chefs do. And sushi itself...it was gorgeous!

 It came along with an egg custard dish chawan-mushi (茶碗蒸し). It looks like pudding, but it's a meal with Japanese soup dashi, a shrimp, a chopped chicken and Japanese herb in it.

 The next day came with B.L.T. sandwich in a cafe HARBS in a fancy district Roppongi. Long thick sliced bacons were well grilled, and its oily taste was the best combination with tomato and bread! Chatting with my friend, I also enjoyed a big portion of cake. (HARBS is a famous for its huge size cake)

 And that's not all: I joined a dinner party held nearby. I visited earlier so to help cook. He said he was going to cook a pot dish with pheasant from Shikoku island, and I made up my mind to cut variety of vegetables while he was making soup from the scratch. (The soup eventually took two hours to cook, for the record!)


 As well as eating out, cooking myself is so much fun for me. Well... I cook too much,  I know it!
 Sure, we have plenty of annoying thing in our life, but as long as fine meals are there, I would be okay ;)


Coffee time in my room.

Ever since a handy, simple espresso pot have come to my home, I spend much more time taking dense strong coffee with smooth foam milk while reading books in late evening. As a person who loves being at home, it's full of joy being with nice drink and novel ;)