food, food, food!

 I've been under a huge pressure for the past several weeks, and sometimes I was really in need for getting out of everything, and head to a nice restaurant.  Like always, I love eat out for sushi. Sitting on a chair while sushi chefs behind the counter cook sushi, take care of whole fresh fish to cut, slice with care, then put them in the fridge. I always like every move sushi chefs do. And sushi itself...it was gorgeous!

 It came along with an egg custard dish chawan-mushi (茶碗蒸し). It looks like pudding, but it's a meal with Japanese soup dashi, a shrimp, a chopped chicken and Japanese herb in it.

 The next day came with B.L.T. sandwich in a cafe HARBS in a fancy district Roppongi. Long thick sliced bacons were well grilled, and its oily taste was the best combination with tomato and bread! Chatting with my friend, I also enjoyed a big portion of cake. (HARBS is a famous for its huge size cake)

 And that's not all: I joined a dinner party held nearby. I visited earlier so to help cook. He said he was going to cook a pot dish with pheasant from Shikoku island, and I made up my mind to cut variety of vegetables while he was making soup from the scratch. (The soup eventually took two hours to cook, for the record!)


 As well as eating out, cooking myself is so much fun for me. Well... I cook too much,  I know it!
 Sure, we have plenty of annoying thing in our life, but as long as fine meals are there, I would be okay ;)


  1. Hi there!
    I also love cooking during my day offs! it relieves all the stress from long week at work^^
    But just looking at your pictures,you cook way a loooooot better than me XD
    By the way I decided to spend the holidays in Japan this year!... I might be around Tokyo that's why I'm here in your blog looking for a good place for photo haha XD

    1. Hi there! Glad to see your comment again! I always look forward to your comments, as you may realised, haha.
      I'm so curious about food you cook, since you mentioned before that you don't eat seafood....
      What is your favorite food to cook?
      For me, it's so difficult to answer, because my favorite changes so frequently...Sometimes paella, sometimes miso soup....
      Recently I enjoy cooking Japanese food, especially with vegetables :)

      Oh, you're coming to Tokyo this (next) year? How nice it is!
      I wish I could join you...but I'll be back to Nagoya by then X]

    2. Good evening!
      I like to cook pasta,anything with vegetables and simple dish that goes well with wine!(I love wine haha) I also like fish^^I'm allergic with crab and shrimp that's why I can't have them.

      I'm still thinking what shall I do in Tokyo since I don't usually holiday in Japan haha..
      It would be nice to have some photowalk with you someday when the weather gets better! I'm pretty sure you know a lot of good places!

    3. Thank you for commenting back :)
      How wonderful having your own meal with wine.
      Here, I went to Roppongi to join a Christmas Market last weekend, and had two cups of hot wine.
      Sweet taste was really good when it is hot. Have you ever tried it? It's so fun :)

      Well, I was thinking about being New Year's holiday in Tokyo....
      I couldn't come up with a special thing except Meiji Shrine (Don't go there in New Year holiday, it's heavily packed!).
      If I were you, I'd go to Isetan or other department stores to do shopping XD


      Oh, I go to onsen in Toyama in New Year's holiday :)

    4. I've tried hot wine once(maybe thrice haha) when I was staying in a resort Karuizawa and I totally loved it!
      I'm also looking forward to that day!
      Lately work is totally taking over my time XD sometimes I miss my student life how I just spend time walking around the city or park and take picture all day haha!!

    5. Oh, so you've had a nice glass of hot wine up in Karuizawa...how nice :)
      Over here, so many things have happened to my life, and this situation is becoming even more complicated XD
      But it's okay, I handle it somehow.

      I also look back my days of students, lots of photo walks and one day driving trip....it's not gonna happen anytime soon, at least, not now! XD