A half day hike to Mt. Takao.

 Located in a suburb of Tokyo, Mt. Takao is the most famous destination for a-half-day-hike in Tokyo. Personally, I like climbing up on this 599 metres mountain because of its casual and convenient access from cities like Shinjuku and Tokyo Station. Getting on the train Chuo-line, and all you have to do it just sitting until it brings to the nearest station Takao.
 In one afternoon of August 2016, I visited there. So... why don't we take a look at photos of scenery? :)

 The clock just hit 13 o'clock when I arrived at the station. Indeed, it was a hot summer weather, and I got off the train, I felt as if I walked into a jungle-type-climate. High temperature with extremely humidity, it was truly a summer day of Japan.

 The panel in front of the station shows seven trails leading on the top. Either way, it takes several hours to get through to the top. Trail one is the most popular one, which is 3.8km length, mostly paved, hence it's not that hard for first-timer. As a second-timer, I decided Inariyama Trail, with 3.1km, which many people say the hardest trail. Is that true? Well. let's find out :)

Well well well...It was actually tough XD. I found how hard walking on a unpaved trail!

 This was the final steps toward the top of the mountain....And...

  Here we are :) 

 Fortunately, not so many people gathered at that time, and I unpacked my lunch box, bought a glass of beer for $8. I have to admit that I'm not a person drinking alcohol so publicly. But the flux of accomplishment in my mind drove me to a kiosk nearby, haha. There were many foods available on the top of the mountain: from icy cold cucumber, sweet rice cake and stuff. It cost higher than the average price in cities, but that's the way it is on mountains :)

 Well, it's time to go back :D This time I took Trail one.

 It looks things are much more exotic on Trail one, attracted me so much. Well, I believe I'll be back to Mount Takao in Autumn as well :)


A scene from this week.

 I love my life, and hopefully it goes on and on...


Going to a new phase.

 When I divorced last year, I felt like everything in and out of myself had fallen apart, and there was nothing I had left in my hand. Once again, I seriously thought of committing suicide, finishing the last thing I had at that time: my life. As I barely continued to live the exhausting days and weeks, however, things slowly began to shaping up again. I met people that hadn't seen each other for many many years. I started working harder and eager, with my passion. And it turned out to make my new life worthwhile.
 Things hasn't got better than the period of my marriage. Perhaps it wouldn't be forever. But, I'm going forward, for now, anyway, just hoping for good :)