Going to a new phase.

 When I divorced last year, I felt like everything in and out of myself had fallen apart, and there was nothing I had left in my hand. Once again, I seriously thought of committing suicide, finishing the last thing I had at that time: my life. As I barely continued to live the exhausting days and weeks, however, things slowly began to shaping up again. I met people that hadn't seen each other for many many years. I started working harder and eager, with my passion. And it turned out to make my new life worthwhile.
 Things hasn't got better than the period of my marriage. Perhaps it wouldn't be forever. But, I'm going forward, for now, anyway, just hoping for good :)


  1. Anonymous9/13/2016

    I'm just a stranger but I enjoy your blog. It is good to read that you are doing better, and that you are happier.

    1. Thank you, and I'm really appreciate about your comment. Encourage comments like yours keep me going forward :) again, thank you!