Green sweet beans, fresh red raw fish, pound cake and stuff!

 This was a week I put much of my energy on cooking. From sweet strawberry jam to sour taste Japanese pickles, it became my daily routine in the week. So let's take a look at a piece of what I made :)

 Boiled broad beans, which is exactly in season in Tokyo as well as most of the regions in Japan. With its rich taste, cheaper price, I ate it almost everyday, repeatedly and addictively.

 Hatsu Gatsuo(初鰹), fresh Skipjack tuna Katuo is also available here in the late spring. Every time I see it in a market, I found the beautiful spring finally finished, and the warm season is just around the corner. But, before the temperature rises too much to go to the kitchen to cook,

 I make a pound cake :) Its texture always attracts me to eat one more bite, and the moment I ate more than I should have, I always feel guilty. Well, it's okay, I have no regret about it ;)

  Flower and green tea.... I can't finish the day without it! :D


Cherry blossoms and cakes :)

 As cherry blossoms were full boom, I sensed the spring had finally come, and soon the temperature gets even more rise. Its pink flowers deeply evoke me of emotions of both farewell and encounter: In Japan, schools start in April, as well as most of the freshmen joining in their companies. 
 For me, time passed so fast that there were very few moment to go out, like last year, walk along the streets to see cherry blossoms. I spent time for working, and enjoyed cakes in cafes. Perhaps I should have gone out to take pictures of cherry blossoms rather than being cafe. Well, it's okay. I'm alive with fairly nice condition. As long as I'm fine, it shows me how the world beautiful every year, every spring.
 So just looking forward to seeing it again, and try to make everyday even more fulfilled ;)


Cherry blossoms, spring flowers, and more :)

 So many things had happened over the course of the winter, and despite such a warm beautiful season came to Tokyo, sometimes I felt as if I was on the blink the dead. Now that it's gone, I think I deserve a fresh start :)
 And one thing became quite clear: All I need is a fine meal! :)