Green sweet beans, fresh red raw fish, pound cake and stuff!

 This was a week I put much of my energy on cooking. From sweet strawberry jam to sour taste Japanese pickles, it became my daily routine in the week. So let's take a look at a piece of what I made :)

 Boiled broad beans, which is exactly in season in Tokyo as well as most of the regions in Japan. With its rich taste, cheaper price, I ate it almost everyday, repeatedly and addictively.

 Hatsu Gatsuo(初鰹), fresh Skipjack tuna Katuo is also available here in the late spring. Every time I see it in a market, I found the beautiful spring finally finished, and the warm season is just around the corner. But, before the temperature rises too much to go to the kitchen to cook,

 I make a pound cake :) Its texture always attracts me to eat one more bite, and the moment I ate more than I should have, I always feel guilty. Well, it's okay, I have no regret about it ;)

  Flower and green tea.... I can't finish the day without it! :D

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