One-day trip to Kawagoe with fine sashimi dish!

 If you want to walk around old streets but not enough time to go far away from Tokyo, go to Kawagoe (川越) for one-day trip. Just 40km north west of Tokyo, one-hour-train-ride brings you to the city of Kawagoe, where is sometimes called “A tiny old city Edo”. It is a small, yet cozy and attractive place for many people, including foreigners, of course. One early spring in 2018, I visited there for the first time in four years. So…Let’s take a close look at what it’s like :)

 I arrived at a nearby station just before the noon, and have lunch at first. I made a reservation for a tiny restaurant in advance. But….where is it? Well, it actually…

 Here! Oh I took several minutes to find the place! It's too narrow and difficult!

 Built more than a hundred year ago, this amazingly cozy house with tiny garden became a Japanese cuisine restaurant named "Furin" with a wooden counter with chefs.

Sitting back one of seats, I enjoyed watching chefs cooking sushi, and waited for food to come. For the record, I took a raw fish Sashimi Dish, which was 1,250 yen (around USD11).

 Here, we have pudding-style chawan-mushi (茶碗蒸し) as a starter. Steamed with egg and sliced onion as well as dashi (出汁), it certainly warmed my body up after walking with cool air outside.

 This one-bowl dish is my favourite one with a variety of chopped fish, such as tuna, octopus, bonito, and more. I love this! It’s colourful, lots of different textures, and cheaper among other dish :)

 Private rooms, old interiors, decors, tiny garden are so great, worth visiting for meal :) I recommend you to make a reservation before coming, by the way. It would easily be fully occupied, especially in the weekend.

 So let’s go outside and see the old city, shall we? :)

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 Starbucks is everywhere, you know :)

After lots of sweets, beer, snacks, I waved my hands to Kawagoe, headed back to Tokyo ;)


Something I love....

 Growing up, I learn to love things around me. I love warmish yellow lights in a shop or home, and it makes me love strolling around from town to town, or just sit in my chair to read in my room after dark, occasionally looking up to see flower on the table. I also love animals being around me. I love take a walk with my charming dog in the early morning when it's still a bit dark outside, birds start whispering. These are moments I feel I'm so content.


Like a mounntain.

Maybe I'm lonely, but I'm not unhappy.

That's an important thing, isn't it? :)