Fresh Sashimi and grill on spot at a cozy restaurant Uohide, Kichijoji.

 Eating out alone is sometimes essential. Especially when it comes to a sentimental day.

 Sometime in the last week, I’ve got a certificate notification of an exam I took few weeks back. And the very same day, I’ve got another news that I made me so depressed. Well, it’s kind of man and woman thing, but let me refrain from writing it on my blog (Believe me, it’s not fun to read, anyway).

 In the mixed of feeling, I decided to go for dinner. I felt like drinking sake, enjoying some alone time in a tiny restaurant. So I headed to a fresh fish restaurant “Uohide (魚秀)” just near Kichijoji Station in the suburb of Tokyo. (The official site is here, but unfortunately, it's only Japanese language)
It's a budget-friendly place, around $40 per person, I have to add.

 Getting through myself into a tunnel-like woody door, I found a massive red mask hanged on a wall. Illuminated from the inside, it made me feel as if I came into another world. The world where is no lost-love (Oh well, you know how passive I was, haha).

 Sitting back on the corner of a counter table along with kitchen, I began taking sake with assorted fresh fish sashimi. It’s a gorgeous, variety of fish just brought from a fish market earlier in the morning. That explains why they keep updating their handwriting menu everyday.  It’s changing all the time, and I love those changes :)

 Everytime I come across a whole Wasabi, I couldn't resist graining it for a long time. Yes, I love sniffing a flovor of fresh Wasabi! And the endless graining ease my feeling as well ;)

 In front of the door, there was a fire. But for what? It's a place for....

 Grilling fish :) Why don't we try one? 

  They grabbed one of small fish, putting it by the fire, and told me wait for twenty minutes or so. "That'd be great", I said to him. I needed time to stay alone that night. 

 Photographing wasn't problem at all in the restaurant. They even told me to come close to them so that I could make better shot. They are such a wonderful people :D Well, I think it's time for grilled fish for myself...

 Here it is :) River fish Ayu, served with sour sauce. I enjoyed eating bit by bit, make sure I could become satisfied.

 It's always a wonderful experience to eat out and see what I've never seen, or never eaten before. There's no reason stopping it, and I definitely keep updating this kind of experience on this blog :)


From my neighbor.

 Almost a decade ago, traveling abroad was one of my biggest events every year. I had to travel, but didn't know why. Maybe I wanted to escape from something. Or I was rushing toward something. Maybe the both.
 I needed to go all over the world to make me feel alive. But recently, it seems the world comes to me. In the light of the sunshine, greenish grasses of a field....I finally began to realize the beauty is everywhere.